The Perfume Society’s Fragrant Supper Club – a feast for the senses!

Bespoke perfume and essential oils expert Louise Bloor combines her love for perfume and cooking in a gathering she calls The Fragrant Supper Club. Having attended one of these fabulous occasions for ourselves (it’s called ‘research’) we asked Louise to create two exclusive menus – just for our subscribers to The Perfume Society – and were utterly thrilled when she said yes.

Saturday saw the first of these scented suppers, with a ‘scentsational’ four-course gastronmic experience inspired by Louise’s favourite perfumes and seasonal ingredients with some scented ‘amuse bouches’ to boot… it was definitely a fest for these senses. Just look at the menu! We absolutely cannot go on enough about the lolly – who knew they could be so overwhelmingly wonderful? We think Louise is something of a gastronomic genius.

photo 3
If you couldn’t make it to this occasion – well, you missed out on treat, as everyone present raved about the food, the concept and the company (how often do you get to go to whole dinner party full of fellow perfumistas?) but FEAR NOT, fragrance fans, as there was so much interest that Louise has created another bespokely perfumed menu for to enjoy on Saturday 19th Septempber.

With several spaces for the next supper already sold (and many attendees of this occasion saying they’ll buy tickets for the next one, too) you’d better hurry to secure your place at the table.

It’s a wonderfully relaxed affair, set in Louise’s light and airy apartment in East London. You will not only eat with your eyes but with your nose – and just 12 places are available for each dinner. Grab your tickets here!

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