Ruth Mastenbroek

‘Scent is my life.  The fragrance is the essence of my art.  It is my signature…’ 

Ruth Mastenbroek was born in England and graduated with a Chemistry degree from Oxford University.

Ruth trained and in the late 70s worked as a perfumer in the UK and Netherlands with Naarden International.  (It later became Quest and is now Givaudan – one of the largest perfume suppliers in the world…)

Ruth worked in Japan and in the perfume capital Grasse before returning to England to work for a small company, where she created fragrances for up-and-coming brands like Kenneth Turner and Jo Malone – including her Grapefruit candle.  Ruth set up her own perfumery company, Fragosmic Ltd., in 2003 – the year she became president of The British Society of Perfumers.

In 2010 Ruth launched her capsule collection of scented products featuring her signature fragrance – RM – and also became the first to use advanced micro-encapsulation technology in a scented bathrobe…!

Ruth launched her second fragrance, Amorosa, in May 2012 at Les Senteurs in London.  Her range is now sold in more than 25 exclusive shops in the UK, as well as in the Netherlands and Nigeria.  Through Fragosmic, Ruth loves creating bespoke personal and home fragrances for small and medium-sized brands…

Notes Ruth loves…  ‘Memories of childhood in England and America – chocolate cookies, fresh earth, blackberries…  Of Holland – lilies, narcissus, hyacinth and salty sea air…  Of France – orchids, roses and wild herbs…  Of Japan – cherry blossom, lotus and green tea…’

Ruth’s signature creations: click on each perfume’s name to read more about them…

RM Signature



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