London’s Perfume Making Workshop: In the style of Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena

We’re thrilled to share with you this fragrant event from Daniel Pescio Parfumeur – that as a follower of The Perfume Society – we think you’ll really enjoy…

Start: Sunday 18th March 2018 – 11.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

Venue: 12 Wickford Street, London, E1 5QN

London’s Perfume Making Workshop: In the style of Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena

On this unique Perfume creation workshop, you will discover the history of one of the greatest perfumers, Jean-Claude Ellena.

We will look at his style, his way of composing scents. The workshop promises a deep study into one of his masterpiece fragrances, and the formula of it.
During this 5 hours programme you will learn, ingredient by ingredient, the materials of a formula. Its facets, its role in the composition, its volume, power and strength, and, of course, the Jean-Claude Ellena way of working with them. You will formulate tests for these ingredients, and by the end of the day, you will have created your own fragrance based on his style.

Programme for the day:
– 11am – My team and I will welcome you with tea, coffee and cakes
– Introduction of the programme, and Jean-Claude Ellena’s history
– A study of the materials that compose one of his fragrances. Tests according to the information, and perception of smelling the materials
– Around 2pm, we will break for refreshments and sandwiches
– The 2nd part of the workshop, I will guide you in making your own 50ml fragrance creation

You will get to take home with you all the tests and your fragrance creation. Later, using these skills, you will be able to create more fragrances at home. You will be able to buy materials, for your own use at home, from Plush Folly online

Tickets are £160 and include all your materials on the day, and your 50ml perfume creation.

Places are limited. To book your place, please email Daniel at

NB This is not an event held by The Perfume Society, rather organised by Daniel Pescio Parfumeur. 

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