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Renowned for their stylish shoes and glamorous accessories, the house of Vince Camuto may not quite be a household name in the UK – but in the US they have long been huge: one of the top-selling luxury brands in Macy’s, New York, with a reach to over 60 countries in the world.


Now, their throng of eager admirers is rising as the British fall in love with Vince Camuto‘s debut collection of fragrances.

With legions of celebrities among his fans, Vince Camuto was previously best known here for co-founding the shoe brand Nine West. And although he sadly passed away last year, his legacy is the successful business empire he founded – and which is still growing thanks to the loyalty and dedication of the teams he put in place around him.  His devotees include Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba and Anne Hathaway, whose wardrobes feature his creations.

But one of his greatest friends and business associates was the star, Jessica Simpson, who went to Camuto to help launch and grow her own fashion range – now worth an estimated $1 billion in its own right.

Using one of his oft-repeated inspirational quotes in memory of Vince Camuto‘s effervescent spirit, Simpson said: ‘It is never about one person. It’s the teams you put in place. Without the right people, you’re nowhere – thank you, Vince, for the humble power that has taken me everywhere. You are my mentor, my family, the creator of all my dreams. I will forever walk in your shoes… you made them!’ Vince Camuto also mentored Tory Burch, helping the designer to launch her shoe line in 2006 – and today she, too, has been welcomed into the ‘billionaire club’.


‘Life is an adventure – seize the opportunity and find your passion’ was a saying of Vince Camuto‘s and a veritable mantra for the fragrances he helped to create – a fitting tribute that continues to inspire and uplift all those who knew and worked with him, and those yet to discover the scents themselves…

Exploring the fragrances – for women, and for men – we were awed by some of the gorgeous bottles featuring Art Deco-style stoppers, tied with matching grosgrain ribbons. Dressing-table worthy by all means – but the juice inside is always the most important factor.

Amore, below, is described as ‘a dedication to love’ inspired by modern femininity – strong, affectionate but confident and unforgettable. Tender blush orchids, a slightly powdery yet fresh freesia and translucently soft lotus are the hallmarks of Amore’s fruitful fragrance. Vince Camuto explained explained at the time of its unveiling: ‘I wanted to create a scent women would fall in love with and would make others fall in love with them. There is something beautiful and alluring about a strong woman’s sensuality that inspired me to launch Amore…’

Vince Camuto Amore

Sunshine in a bottle was our first impression of Bella, meanwhile, with nectarine blossoms being uplifting yet never overpoweringly citrusy. Italian bergamot and jasmine water float on a base of white amber. And of this whimsical bouquet that would surely appeal to any age, Camuto commented: ‘just as beauty and femininity are ageless, Bella empowers women to embrace their individuality and inherent beauty…’

Fiori is an especially personal memory of Camuto, having been directly inspired by the garden he so loved and the blossoming delphiniums that grew in abundance there. Staying close to its heritage, and dembodying the iconic Vince Camuto woman, Fiori is an invigoratingly fresh summer bouquet to bury your nose in at any time of the year, with top notes of lusciously juicy pink grapefruit and ripened white nectarine mellowed by sheer and suede-like iris against the creamy backdrop of the sandalwood base notes.

And now, delighted designer-loving perfumistas can fall head-over-heels for the entire collection…

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