Tiziana Terenzi

The Italian haute perfumery of Tiziana Terenzi can trace their family origins back to ancient Rome, with a lineage spanning centuries of poets, playwrights, musicians, philosophers and – above all – entrepreneurs.

Continuing this creative heritage, their candles and fine fragrances evoke the proud heritage of artisanal craftsmanship in every stage, from inspiration to scented reality…

Established in 1968 in Cattolica, in the province of Rimini, Italy, the brand began by making uniquely pure-burning Paschal candles for the local churches. From a workshop initially set up in their home, the complexity of mixing and harmonising ingredients to scent the candles was a skill passed down through the family, along with a talent for music – something Paolo Terenzi inherited, combining his profession as a perfumer with that of professional musician and poet with a degree in law and philosophy, and having studied chemistry and physics along with way.

‘When I design a perfume I first of all fill many notebooks with my scribblings of ideas and all the things I want it to represent and remind me of,’ he explains, ‘Then I go through and work out how the notes would reflect this best. To me it is very similar to how I compose music.’ Noting the worlds of music and fragrance are often compared, he says that as a musician he feels this particularly strongly, because ‘…the feeling of composing a song or new fragrance feels just the same to me, my mental process is exactly the same.’

Paolo runs the family business with his sister, Tiziana, for whom the house is now named. A talented designer and teacher of applied arts, Tiziana is particularly famed for her jewellery, which she has designed in collaboration with a number of famous brands and won coveted awards for worldwide.

While Paolo composes the fragrances, Tiziana has her expert eye on every process of design, and says it’s vital to them that everything is handmade, because ‘Italian people are incredibly proud of Italy and the beautiful things we make there. Therefore we insist the bottles are hand crafted in Italy too – everything is  local to where we are.’ And the bottle shapes reflect the scents within – rounded ones being more traditionally seductive and ‘feminine’, the square having more of an elegant masculine feel.

With so many beautiful fragrances in their collection, Tiziana Terenzi charmingly say they believe you must have ‘the right kind of soul’ to fall in love with a particular fragrance. So call us hopeless romantics, because we fell hard for Bella Oud – a scent inspired by a gondola trip through beautiful, mysterious Venice and showcased in our Harvey Nichols collaboration Fragrance Discovery Box.

The exoticism of precious spices from Venice’s Trade Route history reverberate through opulent, unashamedly plush flowers – clove, cardamom and saffron simmering with Bulgarian rose, jasmine and orange blossom above polished woods glowing warmly in the base. And if we listen carefully, we’re sure we can hear the music of history flowing from the secret gardens and private, candlelit courtyards toward us…



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