Ormonde Jayne

A perfume house that proudly waves the flag for Britain, with fragrances loved all around the world – and using some of perfumery’s most intriguing and precious materials – Ormonde Jayne was launched in 2002 by Linda Pilkington.

From a teenager, Linda had a passion for perfumery – bewitched ‘by the romance of perfume and fragrance bottles given to me by my mother and all her friends – to dress my bedroom, and give it an air of splendour.’ (She still has a huge collection of vintage bottles and perfumes: ‘I’ve kept every single bottle of perfume I’ve ever worn…’)

At that stage, Linda never dreamed of it as a career – instead, spending 14 years travelling and working around the globe: South America, Africa, the Far East. She owned and ran a boutique hotel, a soya bean farm – and even a chain of ice cream parlours, creating her own exotic ice cream mixtures: a true entrepreneur, from a young age.

But Linda Pilkington’s love of fragrance had never left her – and on her return, and a chance encounter with a childhood friend who lamented the dearth of quality candles available, Linda set about learning all she could about perfume and candle making, creating a new and unusual collection of scented candles. The friend happened to work for Chanel, who commissioned ‘the perfect scented candle.’ Orders flooded in and Linda quickly outgrew the kitchen table, setting up her own perfume house, taking the name from the road she lived in, Ormonde Terrace, and her middle name.

Linda Pilkington Ormonde JayneRight from the start Linda’s vision for the brand was to incorporate unusual ingredients discovered on her intrepid travels, blended with quality British craftsmanship and the art of French perfumery.

She loves to seek out ingredients that nobody else has used: the basmati rice note in Champaca, hemlock in Ormonde Woman, halwa in Muscat. And, adds Linda, ‘I’m also very proud to have been the first western perfume house to use oudh in an international fragrance.’ From the start, then, Ormonde Jayne was blazing a fragrant trail.

Her very special fragrances are increasingly widely available around the world – but for a true Ormonde Jayne ‘experience’, nothing rivals an immersive visit to Royal Arcade. Having moved 4 doors along in 2023, the new boutique offers more space in glorious, historic surroundings and with potential for offering personal and group experiences.

The Ormonde Jayne classics include Osmanthus: a perfect summer’s night fragrance, pulsing with that extraordinarily animalic ingredient. The legendary Saudi Arabian Ta’if rose – with its special, sensual magic – which she showcased in a fragrance called, simply, Ta’if, and Frangipani swirls with exotic white flowers: purity and mystery, in one. When Frangipani was ‘blind-smelled’ for an article in Tatler by Dr. Luca Turin, he picked it out alongside one from Jean Patou and another from Guerlain for his ‘Top Three’.

Ormonde Jayne’s more recent innovations include the Four Corners of the Earth collection:  Arabesque, a magic carpet ride of Middle Eastern delights; Nawab of Oud (a tapestry of amber and rose, with a soft oudh edge), and Qi, which translates as ‘breath of life’ – inspired by the Chinese people’s love for the lightest and most delicate scents.Ormonde Jayne Arabesque

The Montabaco Series is a trilogy of perfumes based on Montabaco, (now available as Montabaco Intensivo), capturing the essence of Latin America with a leitmotif of suede, wood and tobacco. Each rendition having its own distinct accord added for a new take on the original.

Linda is trail-blazing again by offering longer-lasting, ever-more-sensual interpretations of fragrances for scent connoisseurs. The Signature Collection is now all poured at 38%+ parfum. In the Royal Arcade boutique, your favourite perfume can be poured up to 50%.

What we’ve seen time and again is that Ormonde Jayne doesn’t just have ‘customers’: it has absolute devotees, who return time and again to this perfume house, seeking out new discoveries from within its fragrant portfolio. And few perfume names understand that quite so well as Linda Pilkington – collector-turned-creator…


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