A heritage clothing and accessory house renowned for their immense quality, exceptional details, and innovative designs; Moncler hold their fragrances to exactly that standard, and the world-class perfumers they’ve selected certainly deliver…

Moncler can trace their stylistic dynasty back to 1952 in Monestier-de-Clermont, when – because of their precipitous location – they began by creating functional and protective mountain wear. From pioneering innovation in this (snowy) field, Moncler evolved their aesthetic to go far beyond the functional to being sought-after by fashionistas the world over (even those who’ve never donned a snow shoe), because, as they explain, ‘Moncler makes clothing that goes beyond generations, beyond fashion and beyond luxury, and is known for its quality and creativity, while maintaining its heritage. It constantly breaks conventions, welcoming different voices in and stimulating a cross-fertilisation of ideas and knowledge.’

Those ideas have fused fashion and function to become a 360° lifestyle brand, and now fragrance happily sits within their house, seamlessly merging the aesthetic with the feelings evoked by the locations and fragrant materials they’re inspired by. The house of Moncler continued its ‘celebration around the world for its heritage of mountain excellence’, they explains, with ‘a natural extension into the fragrance world introducing the first inspirational creations Moncler Pour Femme and Moncler Pour Homme.’

Of course, being Moncler, these were no ordinary fragrances in bottles you might find anywhere, and no ordinary olfactive experience, either. The original duo made an immediate worldwide impact with their innovative design and fabulous fragrances inside. It’s truly clever, cutting-edge  stuff: the ‘borraccia’ flask-shaped bottles (paying tribute to their mountain roots and adventurous spirit) for Moncler’s Pour Homme and Pour Femme duo are adorned by scrolling LED screens which can be personalised via their app. Moncler even tell us these have been used by fragrance fans to propose to their loved one! As for the juices inside? They are just as romantic yet modern. One spritz of the Pour Homme and you’ll be whooshing through an Alpine ski resort, with the fresh, mountainous air veritably leaping from the bottle. With its snuggly cedar base, this makes the perfect snowy scent partner to the Femme version if you’re looking for a his ‘n’ hers pairing. As for the Moncler Pour Femme – that’s inspired by those majestic mountain peaks the house conquered decades ago, but this time the olfactive tribute is paid with majestic rays rippling through bursts of grapefruit, golden pear, velvety petals, and a violet-dusted woodiness that lasts ‘til dusk. Just gorgeous.

In the most luminescent chapter of its fragrant story, we revisit the original duo but discover they’ve been suffused with an inner glow that simply radiates on the skin. Moncler’s favourite fragrance ingredient – wood – was once again at the heart of the olfactory alchemy ‘…revealing new facets brought to life by perfumers Christophe Raynaud, Antoine Maisondieu, Quentin Bisch and Jordi Fernandez.’

“This fragrance has an airy floral feel that leaves a strong impression, painting a portrait of an unforgettable woman.”

Quentin Bisch

Sunrise Pour Homme version an olfactory ode to new beginnings via bright, fizzy pops of freshly crushed pink peppercorns and the cool waft of grassy vetiver wrapped softly in a sublime suede accord. Think staying up late (rather than getting out of bed early) to watch those first fingers of sunlight wake up the landscape. A scent to start again, and wearing it feels looking forward… The Sunrise Pour Femme, meanwhile is a juxtaposition to the crisp, snow-infused original Moncler. Glimmering with golden energy, we’re transported to a landscape bathed in gilded light, basking in the warmth, glorying in the notes of ripe pear, a fabulously floral bouquet, a woody base of sandalwood. Some people are skiing holiday types, others prefer to mellow in mellifluously balmy air, beach-side. But let’s face it, we all dream of the sunlit days this perfectly imagines.

Now for what might be considered a more niche-led line, and with a completely different look that sets the fragrances apart, the unique characteristics of wood inspired the genderless fragrances in wonderfully apothecary-style amber glass bottles of the Moncler Les Sommets eaux de parfums. World-class noses Fabrice Pellegrin, Nathalie Lorson, Ane Ayo, Antoine Maisondieu and Daniela Andrier were tasked with weaving magic into vetiver, patchouli, cedarwood, sandalwood and cashmeran within Le Bois Glacé, Les Roches Noires, Haute Montagne, Le Solstice & La Cordée. And oh, this aesthetically paired-back but character-forward collection is a must-sniff. Think timeless-feeling yet so-contemporary in style.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re not the skiing, mountain-climbing or adrenalin-driven sporty type (we’ll admit right here that’s not how we identify ourselves. Let’s just say at The Perfume Society we’re more of the après-ski sort who simply appreciate beautiful scents). Whatever your character or taste in fragrance, we urge you to seek them all out to try on your own skin. Within this brilliantly curated olfactive collection, Moncler have conquered our hearts as well as those mountain tops – and with each launch exciting us as much as that original duo, they certainly haven’t peaked…


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