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When Lyn Harris launched Miller Harris in 2000, she helped to put independent British perfumery on the map. And Miller Harris is now a name loved – and worn – by perfume-lovers the world over.

Lmiller-harris-trade-enquiriesyn had spent five years training in Paris, then in Grasse at Robertet – the world’s leader in natural aromatic ingredients. She was busy creating bespoke fragrances for clients before founding Miller Harris Perfumer London in 2000. More than a decade and a half on, Miller Harris’s signature style continues to be defined by a love of naturals – pushing boundaries, creating exquisitely crafted fragrances that are innovative yet timeless.

And significantly, Miller Harris continues its collaboration with Robertet, using the finest quality raw materials, to create a unique and personal journey for each and every wearer.

LYN_HARRISThese naturals are showcased in shareable fragrances which often put individual notes in the spotlight: zesty lemon, in Citron Citron, cooling green Tangerine Vert, dark and velvety Rose en Noir, with its rich notes of Turkish Rosa Damascena. Working today with perfumers like Matthieu Nardin (read our ‘Nose’ interview with him here) – creator of the stunning Étui Noir and Lumière Dorée – Miller Harris has an ability to capitalise on the uncanny power of certain smells to evoke particular memories. It’s a truly ‘artisanal’ way of creating fragrances…

Essentially, Miller Harris breathes colour and life into the classic perfumer’s art, with complex fragrances ‘designed to tell vivid urban stories.’ They start with nature – with distinct greens and woods, with carefully sourced floral notes, iris from Florence, French violet leaf, jasmine from Egypt, Tunisian orange flower – but frame these precious botanicals in complex and unconventional ways.

As Miller Harris puts it: ‘We honour nature by sourcing the finest raw materials and preserving the delicacy of our ingredients, then curate, combine and harmonise them to create perfumes that combine Parisian elegance with London’s eclectic street styles.’ Miller Harris L’Air de Rien, fascinatingly, was originally a bespoke creation for Jane Birkin, who had never found a fragrance she really loved – and (unusually) went on to become part of the Miller Harris portfolio, becoming a huge hit (and something of a cult, in France!)

perfumers-library-box4Excitingly, Miller Harris has also chosen to work alongside artists to add a visual dimension to their creative offering – artist and illustrator Laura Quick, for example, who designed an ‘immersive experience’ in celebration of London Fashion Weekend. Watercolourist Cyril Destrade, meanwhile, created ‘The Symphony of Colours’ collectible limited edition of packaging for three of Miller Harris’s citrus fragrances.

The Perfumer’s Library is an exclusive collection which plunders Lyn Harris’s own archive: a ‘library’, which includes fragrances she kept for herself. Explore La Feuille (2009), ‘the ivy that intertwines around the woods that filled my childhood’, as she revealed. Le Jasmin captures ‘an exotic garden in Morocco, late October just before the sun was falling’ (2010). And we love Veti Vert, playing up all the facets of Haitian vetiver – earthy, bitter, smoky, green and fresh, all at once.

At the gorgeous Miller Harris boutiques – on Bruton Street, groovy-again Covent Garden Mark, and Monmouth Street (Seven Dials, on the edges of Soho) – our VIP Subscribers enjoy an exclusive 15% discount – a great reason to sign up! (The Miller Harris portfolio can also be found in cool perfumeries across the UK and Europe.)

In their own stores, you can even enjoy a ‘Bespoke Shopping Experience’, to help you identify your ‘perfect’ Miller Harris fragrance – or more than one. As they explain: ‘Scent layering means mixing and matching scents with complementary ingredients, elevating the fragrant journey and creating depth to your scent.’

Everything is also eminently ‘shareable’ – often loved equally by men and women alike. (We’re delighted to have showcased several Miller Harris creations in our own Perfume Society Discovery Boxes – why not, for instance, explore Vetiver Insolent in our Scent of a Man curation here…?)

One thing we know: this perfume house acquires new layers of interest, all the time.


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