Lorenzo Dante Ferro

There are fewer than 100 people in the world today who have – through rigorous studies and many exams – earned the right to call themselves Master Perfumer. Lorenzo Dante Ferro is one of them.


Having excelled at a selective aptitude test during his chemistry studies in Zurich, Switzerland, Lorenzo hot-footed it to Grasse, undertaking professional perfumer-training studies in a particular technique of perfume composition taught at Compagnie d’Argeville.

Lorenzo lives a life rich with passionate links to Italy, working today out of a Creative Perfume Studio and a production base in two countryside villages in the northeastern Friuli region, poised between Venice and Trieste.

Dante-Ferro_14998_1Having acquired extensive experience in the world’s most prestigious and culturally important cities for fragrance creation – Zurich, Grasse, London, New York and Paris – in 1982 he broke away from the more corporate world of perfumery to create his own perfume house and return to the roots of his passion for fine fragrance.

The Venetian Master Perfumer found his true home in the discerning world of the independent marketplace, creating bespoke blends for a diverse group of private clients – from luxury hotels to notable estates – all hungry for the opulence and historic traditions he so effortlessly evokes.

Whether for a contemporary Manhattan skyscraper or the prestigious Hotel Hassler Roma (at the top of the Spanish steps), the house of Venetian Master Perfumer has created stunning home fragrances – or ‘Profumi d’Ambiente’, as they’re known in Italian – that lend an extra scented cloak of character to some of the most extraordinary locations in the world.

And now, with a full fragrance wardrobe of personal perfumes to offer – I Profumi del Mastro Profumaio – we can dress ourselves in Venetian Master Perfumer fragrances which are entirely wearable in the contemporary world.

The cashmere-softness of Fior di Panna eau de parfum – hand-picked for our Perfume Society Exquisite Essences Discovery Box – is exquisitely nuzzle-worthy, truly creating the scent sensation of being swathed in a freshly-laundered woollen throw that’s light as air. Damask rose, ylang ylang and iris create the feeling of kissing the warm skin of a lover’s neck, with a gentle accord of lily of the valley, Italian bergamot and clary sage to add a lightly sparkling aura to the smooth base of sandalwood and vanilla absolute. It’s a comforting scent that soothes the brow of a stressful day – and definitely soft enough to carry you right through to being a bedtime fragrance, should you choose.

Mantra is an almost luminously shimmering celestial scent with a surprisingly fresh intensity. Lusciously juicy mandarin, Italian bergamot and lemon have their lushness intensified with the honeyed-peach like osmanthus flowers, heady jasmine and calming yet exotic ylang ylang. The base is richly calibrated by beeswax absolute, creamy vanilla beans and the warmth of balsamic, woody amber dry-down. Redolent of the Orient and a fabulously embroidered gown, this is one to make every day a special occasion.

For Granverde Profumo we find a change of tone – this time exploring the cool, shady freshness of an Italian forest, calling to mind aromatic whispers of new leaves unfurling, blades of grass and new buds blooming through woodland redolent of nature dressed in her very best. Italian citrus fruits of bergamot, orange and lemon wear a coat of moss dotted with herbal accords – basil, lavender, coriander, sage and thyme imbuing their uniquely soothing properties to this intensely suave blend. The base of Siberian pine rests on a background of lightly smoky vetiver, patchouli and sandalwood sprinkled with black pepper, making this a contemporary take on a vintage scent for either sex, in the finest tradition of the fougère family of fragrances.

In La Riserva we take a trip to the exotic glamour of the Orient, with that wonderfully prevalent Italian bergamot and mandarin infused with rosemary and eventually revealing the Ambrée heart of balsams spiced with black pepper and precious saffron. The final trail on the skin is the smoothest accord of sandalwood, vanilla and almond-like tonka bean wrapped in supple leather. A characterful scent for the refined individualist, it’s another fragrance we would happily share with a partner – luxurious and suitable for any occasion when style is of the essence. (And for Italians, that is every day of their lives.)

For private clients, the Venetian Master Perfumer will also customise fragrances, offering the ultimate in personalisation: your perfect fragrance, created by one of the most intriguing ‘noses’ in the world. Good news for British perfume-lovers: Lorenzo Dante Ferro is now available to UK customers, allowing us to fulfil our dreams of a tailor-made perfume creation...

Meanwhile, we think there’s something for everyone, in the collection. (And all of them – with the exception of Fior di Panna – are ‘shareable’, as much loved by men as women.) Just like the city that Venetian Master Perfumer is inspired by, it is worthy of leisurely exploration…


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