The name Jaguar resonates beyond the car-obsessed to the worlds of luxury, elegance and design. That ethos now extends to the realms of fine fragrance – with a sleek, powerful and seductive range…

The hero and founder of Jaguar was Sir William Lyons. From the day the first gleaming model was unveiled in 1935, he insisted that ‘every car the company produced combined performance and beauty like no other.’ Such an uncompromising vision set a new benchmark in the world of automobile design and performance, and expectations in those car lovers who insist on the best – benchmarks that Jaguar very proudly still lives by.

That debut model was the 2.51 Saloon – one of the most distinctive and beautiful cars of the pre-War era, with its sleek, low-slung design. It needed a name, one that summed up its feline grace and elegance with such a finely-tuned balance of power and agility. The big cat was chosen – and the Jaguar perfectly justified the analogy.

There’s something unmistakable about a Jaguar car, embedded in the DNA that enduringly runs across all models – a pared-back purity of line, a sleekness, power and agility one associates with the eponymous big cat it’s named for. The enduring commitment to its founding principles guides everything the company do, ensuring their success to date and ensuring, they say, that ‘Jaguar will remain at the forefront of the luxury automotive industry for years to come.’

From the start, strong values have been embedded in all that Jaguar do. This globally-renowned car brand is proud of its role in the British and global economies, creating thousands of jobs. There is much talk of excellence, always: ‘”Good enough” is never enough,’ they maintain. ‘Jaguar aims for the highest standards possible in the way it works and in the quality of its cars, products and services.’ And that equally applies to its approach to fragrance, with an impressive wardrobe of perfumes that draw on the DNA of the Jaguar aesthetic and its iconic heritage. All are designed, as they explain, ‘for successful, self-confident men who are bold enough to wear a strong, masculine fragrance produced in the classic perfumery tradition.’

There’s a unique symbiosis between fragrance and cars – perhaps it’s about searching for ‘the one’ that sets your heart racing, a projection of your character. Jaguar is certainly a name guaranteed to fire the imagination of car enthusiasts: the epitome of power, combined with outstanding design. Think: style, performance and modernity.

Jaguar Stance – by world-renowned perfumer Michel Almairac – is then a quintessential Jaguar fragrance, offering the most dynamic blend of vibrant citrus notes with a cool breeze of cardamom, black pepper and a base of precious woods. In an utterly striking flacon, it’s a ‘statement scent for a man who sets his own rules. Inspired. Inspiring. Individual, yet hyper-connected to the world, both real and virtual. A free spirit who seeks authenticity, you are the author of your own existence. You decide who you want to be. And you want your fragrance to engage you at every level.’

Lovers of ultra-classic scents will fall for the masterful bitter orange, black tea, green apples and mossy notes in Jaguar Classic Black, while Jaguar for Men’s green bottle reflects the citrus-herbal juice within, its tones of fresh gardenia, nutmeg, clove, pine and patchouli making for the smoothest ride possible.

A truly iconic design in the contemporary (four-wheeled) portfolio, meanwhile, is the Jaguar Pace – and the fragrance inspired by it purrs with warm amber and aromatic lavender, luxurious orris, famously one of the most expensive ingredients in perfumery. It delivers an exhilarating woody, resinous finish that lasts for hours. And Pace Accelerate revs the original Pace fragrance up still further, inspired by the speed and dynamic of Jaguar sports cars, via notes of bergamot, mandarin, cardamom, coriander, nutmeg and crisp pepper, powered by a wood accord and leaving a rich trail of musk in its wake.

With their excellence of design and heritage now captured in a bottle for you to explore, get ready to feel the power of Jaguar on your own skin…

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