Capturing the legendary beauty of diamonds for over half a century, Graff are well versed in the pursuit of perfection; now bringing their expertise to sourcing the world’s most exquisite essences, and faceting fragrances via some of the world’s premier perfumers…


‘The House of Graff stands for the finest, the rarest and only the very best stones,’ says Laurence Graff, founder of the house known for their diamonds and beloved for their luxurious jewellery. Now, with a collection of eaux de parfums to add to their illustrious name, that Graff ethos holds true for this new olfactive era, too. This pursuit of perfect runs in their veins, it turns out. Says Graff: ‘Generations of the Graff family have employed their expertise and experience, personally selecting every stone and – uniquely among diamond houses – presiding over every step of its journey. No stage is bypassed. No shortcuts are taken. Only perfection matters.’ Since 1960, Graff have set the world alight with the brilliance of their diamond cutting and setting, and it makes perfect sense that these skills can also be applied to the world of perfumery. After all, when master perfumers talk about their art, they often use terms like ‘facet’ to describe a particular aspect of a note they have coaxed from a raw material you may think you know. Indeed, we might liken the composition of a fine fragrance to the discovery of a rough diamond. In its untouched, natural state it can show potential, but remains unremarkable until the hands of a skilled artisan touch it, shape it, expertly excavate below the surface layers to let the inner beauty truly shine.

With a mind to this level of perfection required to proudly be granted the Graff name, the fragrances have been made in collaboration with such world-class perfumers as Julie Pluchet, Pascal Gaurin, Jérôme Epinette, Stephen Nilsen and Gino Percontino. Each of these noses was tasked with another of the Graff family mottos, of being ‘An interpreter of secrets’ – discovering those precious gems of perfumery ingredients and revealing their true characters, invisible to the naked eye, yet somehow seeming to refract the light, refashioning it into olfactory rainbows that dance around the wearer as they move, and as the scent warms on their skin.

With each interpretation of the notes, the perfumers create a unique characteristic which we can then fill with our own scent memories and emotional responses. This alchemy of scented storytelling is one of the many reasons we are always so excited to communicate the infinite possibilities that perfume can bring – and why we were so delighted to find such a symbiosis in the world of rare diamonds Graff are so versed in. As they explain, just as in perfumery, a gem may take many shapes, and the maker must find a way to best showcase its natural beauty from within. ‘In the rough, a diamond has yet to reveal its secrets: it might become a cascade of small gems or a single, perfectly cut stone.’ they say; ‘Our gemmologists can spend months exploring the possibilities. When they have determined the optimal cut – however ambitious it may be – the diamond’s fate is set.’

The fate of the Graff Lesedi La Rona is surely ‘one of the greatest diamond accomplishments in history. Cut and polished from a legendary 1,109 carat rough diamond uncovered in Botswana, the name Lesedi La Rona translates as “Our Light” from Tswana, the country’s official language. From discovery to completion, the process of analysing, cutting, and polishing this prodigious rough diamond took over 18 months and resulted in 67 exceptional stones, including a magnificent 302 carat principal diamond, named the Graff Lesedi La Rona.’ It was with the intention of honouring this legendary diamond in fragrant form that Graff decided to undertake the immense task of sourcing ‘the rarest and most precious perfumery ingredients available with the same meticulous craftsmanship, attention to detail and luxury that has made the House of Graff legendary.’ And so, ‘With extraordinary ingredients sourced from far corners of the globe, each fragrance echoes the immense, multi-faceted beauty of the Graff Lesedi La Rona.’

As you will discover, each of the fragrances echoes the differing ‘facets’ or characteristics those diamonds can take. You might first feel drawn to the brilliance of light within Lesedi La Rona I, evoked via a dazzling display of citrus, then thrill to the sensation of pink peppercorn’s tingle turning warmer with the embrace of orris, patchouli and leather. In Lesedi La Rona VI, we’re enticed by the hypnotic allure of wild orchids as an interplay of luminescent jasmine and orange blossom are smooched by a deeply sensual Indian Oud. Meanwhile, Lesedi La Rona IX ‘encapsulates the grand splendour and natural colour of vivid, intense yellow diamonds’ fusing sustainably sourced Madagascan ginger and cinnamon for olfactive shimmer amidst the supreme comfort and smooth smokiness of Chinese black tea. And the greatest allure for us? Discovering that one scent (or plural perfumes!) that sets your heart alight as you smell it. Because fragrances as fine as these will surely make your eyes sparkle as brightly as those Graff diamonds when you wear them…

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