Founded by super model, polymath, and style icon Kate Moss, Cosmoss integrates ‘Wellbeing for the Soul and Senses’, being directly inspired by Kate’s ‘…own private journey of wellness and self-discovery to find inner harmony, balance and love.’

There can be few people who haven’t heard of Kate Moss or been aware of the extraordinary era-defining influence she’s had over the fashion and beauty industries throughout her illustrious, diverse career. Having made the decision to take a step back from the constant spotlight that’s been shone at her since day one, and to take business matters into her own hands by creating her own companies (such as the hugely successful Kate Moss Talent Agency she founded in 2016, and Cosmoss in 2022); as they explain: ‘It all starts with Kate – the heart and soul of the brand. This is her Cosmoss.’

The timing really couldn’t have been better for this ‘Soulful, Sensual, Self-Aware’ house with the incredible power of perfume at its axis. Consider the fact that anxiety levels hit an all-time high following various lockdowns and the Covid-19 crisis, and that so many more people had become all too aware of how much their sense of smell meant to them, having lost it during that time; or simply the dawning realisation of how our sense of smell connects us so vitally to our emotions, and our personal everyday relationships with others. Fragrance sales were expected to plummet, but as we now know (and indeed, we had long predicted at The Perfume Society), sales soared. People were desperate to sensorially transport themselves elsewhere, or to achieve a moment of harmony they could cling on to, simply to get through another day.


So-cleverly tapping into the zeitgeist of this sensorial craving for calm, Kate Moss was busy working behind the scenes with Alchemist Victoria Young – an important figure in Kate’s own journey, being her go-to Naturopath, Shaman, and her Spiritual Guide. Using her personal experience of how life-affirming (and life-changing) this process of connecting with your senses can be, Kate made sure this was far more than merely a range of products that also happened to smell nice. From day one, Kate says she knew that the Cosmoss collection had to be created ‘Using a HOLISTIC approach – self-healing, self-care and sense of self are at the core of each creation.’ So, more being than just another perfume, Kate and Victoria collaborated to ensure the Cosmoss Sacred Mist contained ‘Essential Oils and Herbs selected and blended by a Homeopath for additional healing benefits’, and that it was able to be integrated into someone’s life as part of the Cosmoss ethos – using the collection as ‘Restorative Rituals and Mindful Beauty. Wellbeing with a Modern Conscience’ to help you ‘Find your COSMOSS Calm.’


At The Perfume Society we’ve witnessed the effects of Cosmoss Sacred Mist first hand (or rather, wrist). On ourselves, of course, but also having stood near the Cosmoss space in Harrods and seen passing crowds pause a moment to have a quick sniff. Suddenly, they stop in their tracks, close their eyes, take a deep breath and smile. We predict this will be your first reaction, too. And it’s no accident, having been specifically composed around a key note of oakmoss (we rather love the scented symbiosis of it containing Kate’s surname, too!) Says Kate: ‘The base is all kind of magical. When I spray this, I feel better. I wanted it to be an aura mist that’s cleansing.’ Victoria reveals she chose oakmoss because it is ‘…the essence of protection. One spiritual aspect of oakmoss is the ability to recover from disharmony.’ Continuing, Victoria explains that oakmoss ‘grows around forests and protects the ecology. A perfect beginning to build this scent on. Part of Kate’s journey and key to all our wellness is understanding boundaries and protection.’


Woody, grounding, the protective hug of a forest reviving your spirits is the perfect way to describe Cosmoss Sacred Mist. Joined by another star ingredient – the warm, toasty-nuttiness of tonka bean – Victoria ‘added for good wishes and good luck and is an uplifting heart opener.’


Cosmoss describe Sacred Mist as being composed of:

Head Notes of Orange Flower and Bergamot; the lightest most fleeting ‘Muse’

Heart Notes of Jasmine, Tuberose, and geranium; the character and ‘Style’

Base Notes of oak moss, cedarwood, and tonka; the most intense & tenacious – the ‘Inner Soul’


Uplifting, transformative and sensorially engaging, Cosmoss Sacred Mist has already become a must-spritz daily ritual for many. But if you’ve not yet experienced it – or the equally harmonising accompanying collection – for yourself, do please banish any concerns that to use such products you must be some perfect yoga bunny or living some impossibly virtuous life. Indeed, Cosmoss was created to help those of us experiencing every day stresses. And, as Kate herself reflects on the reasons she began the business: ‘I am not perfect, and I don’t want to be puritanical… I want to be able to create something.’ So, why not create an opportunity for yourself to spiritually evolve via your sense of smell, and explore Cosmoss today…?


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