Showcasing seven decades of Italian style, Brioni has been ‘the go-to sartorial destination for the discerning Roman gentleman’ – dressing Hollywood icons and heads of state. Now, working with Master Perfumer Michel Almairac, you can be scented with the same elegance and exquisite attention to detail…

Founded in 1945 by a visionary duo – Nazareno Fonticoli, a Master Tailor, and his business partner Gaetano Savini Brioni hit the ground running. In a world crying out for newness and aesthetic beauty, they revolutionised menswear as we knew it, opening a sumptuous boutique on Via Barberini 79, right in the throbbing heart of Rome, ‘offering bespoke garments, handmade shoes and accessories in a range of exclusive materials.’ Word got around that these artisan tailors were creating garments that were truly special, and it wasn’t long before a throng of society’s greatest and good were at their doors, clamouring to be dressed by them.

In 1952, Brioni went on to host the first ever men’s fashion show, at the opulent Sala Bianca of Palazzo Pitti in Florence, the collection ‘a myriad of fluid tailoring, featuring suits in vivid colours and sophisticated fabrics,’ and the show sealing Brioni’s reputation for combining heritage values with contemporary innovation. In 1959 the metamorphosis continued apace, with Brioni opening an atelier in Penne, Abruzzo, in order to increase capacity. Investing in the latest equipment, production multiplied while their sartorial standards were faithfully maintained. A mark of quality that resonates throughout everything they do.

You see, there’s a certain insouciance to Brioni’s perfectly tailored, impeccably finished garments that continues to this day – a laid-back charm that whispers rather than shouts, and never has to try too hard to impress. No wonder, then, they sought one of the world’s most celebrated noses to create their debut fragrance: Master Perfumer Michel Almairac, noted for the confident restraint and paired-back sophistication of his compositions, creator of countless classics.

Can the first fragrance of house be an instant classic? We think Brioni eau de parfum is! Characterful, suave and assured as the perfectly tailored menswear it’s the fragrant emblem of Brioni’s green apple studded with pink pepper feels like a cool sip of gin, while violet and Ambroxan are perfectly blended with tonka bean and musk – like a second skin. Sublime!

Says Almairac: ‘For this fragrance, I sought to glorify Brioni’s sophisticated and refined elegance. A creation with few raw materials, this perfume sublimates them all. They are juxtaposed perfectly to create this authentic sillage which translates the savoir-faire of the Italian couture studio.’ Even the bottles perfectly reflects the detailing they’re known for – heavy blue glass, subtly bevelled, adorned with a satin label inspired by those sewn inside Brioni bespoke suits.

The incredible effect a perfectly-made suit can have was seen when Brad Pitt walked the red carpet in Brioni, at the 2019 Venice International Film Festival. GQ magazine dedicated an entire article to his stylish appearance, saying it was ‘…a pure distillation of kind of fantasy elegance embodied by Cary Grant, Paul Newman and Gary Cooper in their heydays,’ adding how refreshing it was to see ‘a Hollywood icon dressed like a Hollywood icon.’ Since then, Brad Pitt has followed in Pierce Brosnan‘s footsteps, as Brioni’s ‘face’, also designing a collection of his own, for the house.

The message is clear – impeccable tailoring never goes out of style and will always be a winning look. Now, with that effortless available in bottled form via Brioni’s sublime signature fragrance, it’s something we can all slip into our daily fragrance wardrobes – even if we can only aspire to filling our wardrobes with their clothes…

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