Perfume: An Edible Scent. Top chef reveals next scented menu…

Last year we were delighted to attend a fragrant feast concocted by incredible Michelin-trained, sensory-inspired chef, Pratap Chahal. Having been slowly building his obsessions with scent for many years, and been completely overwhelmed by reading Mandy Aftel‘s Fragrant book, Pratap began devising dining events based around the concept of weaving fragrant ingredients into his bespoke menus.

Pratap explains, ‘We’re back for a 3rd edition of our sell-out dinners where we take traditional perfume ingredients and use them to create an edible scent. Just like a perfume, our dinner is divided into a top, middle and bottom note with each perfume revealing itself either immediately, in 15 minutes or right at the end of the meal. Each course has a delicate balance of perfume allowing you taste new and exciting flavours without being overpowering. Who knows – you might just wake up the next day smelling deliciously glorious!’

The third edition of Perfume: An Edible Scent has now been announced, and Pratap has finally revealed the delicious-sounding menu…

Arranging the flavours by top, middle and bottom notes, Pratap works out the ingredients and what he will cook based on the strength of the smell and taste of the amount he is using – a harmonious experience that really is akin to working your way through the experience of wearing (and then eating!) a perfume. But though the ingredients are fragrantly redolent, they will not taste like perfume itself, you will doubtless be glad to hear!

That Hungry Chef‘, Pratap Chahal, has worked with Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s, Chez Bruce, Cinnamon Club and Galvin Bistrot amongst others. His food is inspired by his travels around the world, life in London and Indian heritage.

Read all about our previous delicious encounter with this talented chef, and be sure to book your tickets on the Grub Club website, soon, as they tend to sell out very quickly. Word is spreading, and we can’t wait to see (taste and smell) what he does next…

Written by Suzy Nightingale

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