Penhaligon's Portraits: A scented saga to sniff

Penhaligon’s have always embraced a story – beginning in a pretty memorable one themselves, of one William Penhaligon, a Cornish barber who made it to London and opened up a shop, only to have a Royal warrant under his belt thirty years later.
Now, almost 150 years on, they’re introducing Penhaligon’s Portraits: a set of ladies and gentlemen that Mr. Penhaligon himself would’ve approved of. Embracing the frivolity of scents, each Portrait comes with a story and each bottle, topped with the most divine caps, each an animal that epitomises the characters personality, from the ravishing leopard of Lady Blanche to the captivating stags head of Lord George.
So, for those looking for a little more story in their spritz, a touch more drama to the wrists, Penhaligon’s Portraits are just what the doctor ordered. With stories to each scent, one can almost pair themselves with whoever suits their own personal character, but will you end up wearing yourself, or another? Here’s our run-down of the dashing personalities released this September…
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Lady Blanche – The ultra-green and rather sumptuous Lady Blanche allures with narcotic, unapologetic white flowers. Clean, verdant and refined with hyacinth and narcissus flower, whilst powdery orris lets her linger on the skin a little longer. 
Lord George – Strong, opulent and smoky, Lord George oozes masculinity. Notes of shaving soap only add to his title of quintessential British man. Commanding and powerful, brandy adds a sweetness and puts him firmly beside, his favourite place, the drinking cabinet. Tonka bean helps to sweeten the deal and makes him ever-so moreish.
Duchess Rose – A soft and clean rose, dewy and youthful, innocent in its purity. Mandarin adds a little effervescent sparkle to The Duchess’ demure exterior. An underlying darkness is present with musky woods, that hint at a dirty secret. When chaste and decency take on an Epicurean role.
Duke Nelson – A rose, but not how you have otherwise known it, invigorating with pepper. Charming and decadent, Duke Nelson holds a heavy dose of gin which gives him an air of intrigue and a slightly herbaceous feel at first sniff. The come-hither dry down of soft leathers is paired with subtle woods for a creamy trail on the skin.
There’s certainly more to this story, but we’ll have to wait til next year for the next chapter…
Penhaligon’s Portraits £178 for 75ml eau de parfum
At Penhaligon’s 
By Carson Parkin-Fairley 

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