Penhaligon’s new immersive perfume portal

Penhaligon’s have launched a virtual perfume Portraits Mansion which brings their collection to life via a ‘uniquely immersive, interactive, and transactional experience.’ Always brilliant at the story-telling behind their scents, the 3D virtual experience allows you to browse in the most charmingly eccentric way – through talking pictures and pop-up cocktail recipes – as you navigate the drawing room and secret laboratory of William Penhaligon himself…

Says Penhaligon’s: ‘The virtual mansion has been developed to immerse visitors into the world of the Portraits family through utilising 3D gaming technology and interactive olfactive storytelling. The doors of the Portraits Mansion open to all those with a curious nose and a keen appetite for scandal.’

Just beofe you explore the Penhaligon’s interactive mansion, however, might we tempt you to enter our Instagram giveaway in which you could win a fabulously festive gift set of their best-selling scent, Halfeti, worth over £180?!

Okay. As you were, let’s peruse the perfumed portal in full..


Care to take the tour? Simply click here to be whisked into a world of paintings, books, musical instruments, animals and perfumes!

Women’s Wear Daily commented that it’s ‘a tribute to the English spirit and its signature humor, which permeates every corner of the virtual mansion and sets the tone of the voice of the project.Visitors are invited to enter the mansion and browse different rooms and corners to learn more about the scents, their ingredients, and the rich storytelling behind the successful range. It is no coincidence that the project centers on an olfactory collection known to be based on fictional – often rascal – characters of a Victorian aristocratic family, circa 1870, the year the founder William Henry Penhaligon installed his shop in London, to later become the court barber. and perfumer to Queen Victoria.’



Indeed, one of the reasons Penhaligon’s has stood the test of time is by playing up to their whimsical eccentricities and by constantly moving forward with technological advances, while still paying great respect to their heritage and allowing the unique character of the house to shine, no matter how modern a platform they’re on. We celebrate this interactive – and fun – way of navigating what is now a considerably large collection of fragrances, and welcomed our stay in the Penhaligon’s perfumed Portaits portal!

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