Our night at The Perfume Shop’s Scented Cinema for #memoriesmatter had us in tears!

Those of you who have already seen the film The Notebook will realise what a roller-coaster of emotions it produces, so add in some extra sensory triggers and you will understnd why we (along with the rest of the specially invited audience) were in floods of tears at The Pefume Shop‘s Scented Cinema screening.

Why were we subjecting ourselves to such extremes of emotion? Because in their continuing collaboration, The Perfume Shop is highlighting the importance of the work Alzheimer’s Research UK do every single day. Why the pairing of two perhaps unlikely bedfellows?

One of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia can be the loss of smell – something we certainly weren’t aware of previously, along with the fact that a recent study released by Alzheimer’s Research UK has revealed that dementia is the leading cause of death for women in the UK.

Significant smells in people’s lives, such as favourite perfumes, have a strong effect on memory centres in the brain, dilating the pupil markedly – a reaction that usually occurs in response to pain, loud noises or romantic interest.

Michelle D’vaz-Plant, Head of Brand at The Perfume Shop, comments, ‘The Perfume Shop is incredibly proud to be working with Alzheimer’s Research UK on this unique project. With memory loss being one of the key symptoms of Alzheimer’s, and sense of smell being a key memory trigger, we are delighted to be continuing to drive awareness of the work Alzheimer’s Research UK do and raising much needed funds. A bottle of perfume is more than just a scent; it’s a memory in the making.’

photo 3The Perfume Shop was hosting the first ever multi-sensory cinema screening of The Notebook after being granted special permission by the book’s author Nicholas Sparks, created with aroma specialists to offer a unique twist. The exclusive screening included specially formulated scents being emitted into the auditorium at key moments ‘alongside an array of sensory stimuli to ensure the ultimate captivating experience’.

On our seats at the cinema were mysterious boxes containing numbered objects… As we watched The Notebook, we were prompted to smell, taste or feel the sensorial items in our box. It seemed a bit odd at first, but we all really got into the swing of it, and it definitely added to our enjoyment and overall experience of the film itself. What a fantastic way of highlighting an important charity (even if we did have to go and hastily re-apply our mascara afterwards!)
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Written by Suzy Nightingale

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