Our mouthwatering new edition of The Scented Letter explores Taste & Smell…

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This edition looks at the way our senses are being blurred by clever noses and talented chefs…
 In Let Them Eat CakeSuzy Nightingale wallows in the history of gourmand fragrances – which now make up an incredible 23% of those sold
• Thomas Dunckley – a.k.a. The Candy Perfume Boy – examines the Middle Eastern tradition of fragrance layering, and comes up with some great recipes
• Are savoury scents more your thing? Viola Levy takes her Perfume with a Pinch of Salt – and enjoys a new wave in perfumery
• Learn how to use aroma to turbo-charge flavour: for Perfume on the Menu, we talk to perfumer/author Mandy Aftel and to the chef behind our Scented Suppers
•  And of course, we bring you all the Latest Launches,  news, events – and so much more
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