Olfactive Studio’s panoramic perfume – with added wasabi!

Beginning each olfactive journey with the inspiration of a striking photograph, Olfactive Studio launch Panorama – their seventh fragrance – with a verdant view of the Sheats Goldstein House – one of the most beautiful villas in Los Angeles, and oh how we wish we were there…

imageShot by photographer Miguel Sandinha, as with previous perfume incarnations from the house, every bottle will be accompanied by a print of the original photo – a snapshot of  a perfumer’s mood-board come to life.

We find it fascinating to gaze at the picture while sniffing, to see if the scent really does conjure the image before us… Here perfumer Clement Gavarry (IFF) refreshes the heat with a healthy squeeze of lemon and bergamot, plunging further into the green heart of violet leaves, fig leaves, bamboo, cardamom, galbanum and freshly cut grass.

The heart is also where we find that curious sounding note of wasabi – actually an uplifting tremble that vibrates through all that greenness before we walk the invigorating mountainous path of fir balsam, myrrh, patchouli, musk and labdanum.

Olfactive Studio Panorama eau de parfum, from £75 for 50ml
But it at Fenwick

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