New! Tom Daxon Discovery Collection Two!

As Collection One has been so well-loved, we couldn’t resist bringing you a second set of the wonderful Tom Daxon fragrances. This time, it celebrates the woody and darker fragrances that we think are perfect for the colder months.

Tom Daxon is a rising star in British fragrance, championing scents inspired by the ingredients themselves. Tom grew up around fragrance; his mother – creative director for a leading fragrance and cosmetics name for over 30 years – ‘would often give me new shower gels to try, fragrances to sniff.’ So it was no surprise that by his mid-twenties, this perfume prodigy had already launched his own signature fragrance collection – which we invite you to explore.

This Discovery Collection features five x generous 4.5ml sprays (see below for details), allowing you to discover, explore and enjoy the exciting second instalment of the Tom Daxon range at your own pace.The five incredible scents featured in the Discovery Collection Two are:

VSOP – VSOP recreates an impossibly seductive setting in which cognac is being drunk, via a green citrus top note which melts into a simmering warm base of spices, woods, musks and a cognac accord.

Riven Oak – layers of smooth woods. A heart of oakwood absolute – rich, sophisticated – is lifted with bergamot and pimento berries and refined with rum, amber, and vetiver.

Vachetta – all the notes of leather; amplified. A Lapsang Souchong accord – smoky, dark and delicately spiced – combines with a bright heart of jasmine for floral lightness.

Sicilian Wood – a citrus grove warming in the sun. An effervescent, hyper-real citrus top note settles into a base of seductive woods.

Resin Sacra – constructed around the captivating frankincense: the only ingredient that smells both sensual and ecclesiastical at the same time. In addition to embracing its resinous nature with benzoin and cistus, a suede accord was added for heightened tactility.


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