THE NEW MAN: Shay & Blue Kingswood


Top notes: pineapple
Heart notes: fern leaves, Sichuan pepper
Base notes: leather, English oak

We’ve noticed a resurgence of heritage woods being used in contemporary fragrances – and here, English oak is showcased in all its majestic glory. A statement of confidence for gentlemen who need prove nothing, but are admirably stylish at all times, the pineapple makes for welcome change to those who prefer something a little more adventurous than citrus in the opening notes.
A symbol of wealth and welcoming, pineapples were once so expensive they could be rented (at extortionate prices) for hosts anxious to prove their importance, and still adored for their thirst-quenching exoticism. Crisply green fern leaves are enhanced by a sprinkle of warm pepper on a luxuriously smooth and reassuringly solid base

Shay & Blue have been exciting fragrance lovers since 2012, founder Dom De Vetta’s previous roles being Senior Vice President at Chanel and Global General Manager of Jo Malone London, joining with talented Grasse perfumer, Julie Massé, to create his very own fragrance house. As Kingswood isn’t set to launch until September, this is an ultra-special preview we hope you’ll enjoy.

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