THE NEW MAN: Nejma KoEptYs


Top notes: incense, cinnamon, pink pepper, bergamot
Heart notes: jasmine, violet leaf, lily of the valley, sandalwood
Base notes: benzoin, patchouli, vanilla, coconut milk

Refreshingly unconventional, this seductive blend sashays its way into your soul, beckoning forth with exotic embers of burning spices that twist into an utterly modern interpretation of a floral heart. With a leap we’re off again, sinking into the base of addictive deliciousness that laps cool coconut milk against a richly resinous dry-down…

With its name taken from the Latin coeptis, meaning ‘project’ or ‘endeavour’, award-winning young perfumer Alice Lavenat creates an extraordinary fragrance in conjunction with French rap sensation Booba. Their collaboration fused music and scent – the two artistic genres with a shared language of notes, accords and compositions – in the latest fragrance from the ultra-luxe, niche house of Nejma.

Lavenat was named Young Perfumer of the Year in 2014, winning the prestigious title from over 100 entrants around the world. Critically acclaimed Booba is the most downloaded music artist in French history, with over 10 million sales to his name along with collaborations featuring P Diddy and Akon. And with this particular endeavour under his belt, we’re sure the notes (both musical and fragrant) will continue to flow…

Nejma KoEptYs £150 for 100ml eau de parfum

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