THE NEW MAN: Escentric Molecules Escentric 03 Body Wash


Top notes: Vetiveryl acetate
Heart notes: fresh lime peel, ginger
Base notes: green peppercorn, musk

Supercharging your every day shower experience with a maxed-out freshness that keeps on giving, this is definitely going to get you going in the morning (even before a drop of coffee has passed your lips!) We bring you a FULL-SIZED (200ml) bottle of this powerhouse scent experience, to give you the chance to experience first-hand the intriguingly named Vetiveryl acetate – a smoothly elegant vetiver aroma molecule with a background accent of lively grapefruit accent.

Fusing art and chemistry, revolutionary perfumer Geza Schoen proudly showcases aroma molecules which were previously a much misunderstood and maligned area of the fragrance industry. Derived from natural materials – or perfectly replicated, synthetically – these molecules allow modern perfumers to create structure, space and vastly improved longevity to their compositions.

Imagine presenting Mozart with brand new, never-heard-before musical notes, or showing Picasso an entirely new set of colours nobody has ever seen! Unleashing his creativity, Geza Schoen hands us a magnifying glass and allows us to witness vast landscapes within seemingly few materials, whole worlds of nuanced textures and waves of freshness, re-imagined.

Escentric Molecules Escentric 03 Body Wash £20 for 200ml (this size is what you’ll find in the box below)

Try now in The New Man Discovery Box!

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