Never be without a bottle of Chanel, with three new limited edition scents

We adore these little on-trend, coloured limited edition scents – Chanel‘s latest ode to Chance. Not only do they smell as fabulous as any Chanel concoction, they’re available in 35ml bottles, which means that you can take them anywhere. Unlimited Chanel, what’s better than that? The fragrances come in three marshmallow-like colours, each artistically packaged in circular bottles filled with your preferred flavour. They feel, rather youthful and rather fun, and will surely enlist a few new, younger fragrance fans.

Chance £46 35ml eau de toilette

Buy it at: Chanel

‘A whirlwind of optimism and the unexpected’. A warm and spicy scent, that is a little bit of everything. This multifaceted fragrance contains notes of pink pepper, jasmine, patchouli and amber.


Chance Eau Fraiche £46 35ml eau de toilette

Buy it at: Chanel

‘A breath of freshness and vitality’. It’s just that – zesty, invigorating, the perfect little pick-me-up. Notes include jasmine, citrus and teak wood.


Chance Eau Tendre £46 35ml eau de toilette

Buy it at: Chanel

‘A wave of softness and delicacy’. Eau Tendre is an ultra-girly, illuminating floral-fruity with notes of jasmine, white musks, grapefruit-quince accord and green notes.


Written by Alice Crocker

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