Desigual fragrances with a motto to live by…

Uneven by name, uneven by nature, colourful clothing brand Desigual have put their noses to work and created three fruity floral fragrances, each one immersed in kaleidoscopic bottles for your viewing (and smelling) pleasure.

Although not a new launch, they’re new to our noses, and so we sniffed them out (always fascinated by how well the ethos of the designer comes through in the scent!)

Love, Sex and Fun are synonymous with each other and those thoughtful residents of Desigual HQ have issued a prescription for us to have ‘sex, love and fun everyday…’

Sex, as you may imagine, is warm and intense, featuring red fruits, Indian tuberose and creamy vanilla.

Love is as sweet as it should be, with cranberries orange blossom, smooth praline and tonka bean.

Fun is a more crisp, scent – juicy and joyful with notes of pear, peach, peony and sandalwood to keep your spirits lifted throughout the day.

Love, Sex and Fun from £15 for 50ml eau de toilette
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Written by Penny Sheard

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