Mrs White’s Unstung Hero saves the day! (with a lovely anti-mosquito Eau de Cologne)

If you’re like us – and apparently 20% of the population – who mosquitoes cannot get enough of, you’ll be forever on the hunt for a mosquito repellent that doesn’t smell foul or dry out your skin… look no further, for Mrs White’s Unustung Hero is here to save the day.

Luckily, we live in England, where the pesky biters are pretty uncommon, so drastic measures are usually only called for on holiday. But something about this summer has made them particularly frisky in some areas, rendering sleepless nights hunting the blighters down while still getting bitten on every inch of bare skin.

Imagine how we jumped for joy when Mrs White came to our rescue: an all-natural spray anti mosquito eau de Cologne that’s people-, pet- and planet-friendly. And it works like a dream.

It kept us from being bitten from the first spritz, and has been doing so every night since. It states that it protects for up to four hours but we found it worked just dandy overnight, too.

A world away from the sometimes cloying citronella candles, it’s scented with a fresh (and particularly on trend right now) delicate lemon tea fragrance, that’s not at all overpowering, and certainly doesn’t make you feel you’ve doused yourself in insect killer. Bites are bad enough, but we still couldn’t stand the thought of compromising by smelling awful with the usual range of insect-repelling sprays out there.

You can also use the spray freely on bedding, pillows and clothes, without the worry of stains since it’s non-oily – and as it’s a whopping bottle, we sprayed with abandon.

So, thank you Mrs White: you truly are a hero.

Mrs White’s Unstung Hero £20 for 250ml
Buy it at Roullier White

By Carson Parkin-Fairley

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