MOLTON BROWN DISCOVERY BOX: Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold


Top notes: cinnamon leaf oil, nutmeg oil
Heart notes: elemi oil, myrrh oil, black tea accord
Base notes: oudh accord, vetiver, honey, tobacco accord

Here we travel to the land of Assam via the richly resonant aromas of the East. Cinnamon leaf oil and nutmeg make for a lively opening with the heart notes giving way to the wonderfully exotic (and highly expensive) elemi oil so prized by perfumers. Black tea accord marks our fragrant journey with its smoky tendrils slowly opening to the deeper base.

Spritzing this is akin to walking through a tropical forest just after the rain has stopped: the scent of the foliage around you, the sweet, wet earth and wood played out with notes of oudh and vetiver. Honey is drizzled to sweeten the mix but never becomes sickly, the stunningly smooth tobacco accord putting us in mind of freshly-rolled cigars and dense canopies of greenery outlined against the mountains beyond.

Molton Brown Mesmerising Oudh & Gold Accord £39 for 50ml eau de toilette
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  • Oudh has transitioned from a ‘trend’ ingredient to a staple of the perfumer’s cabinet, but do you know its fascinating story? (Top tip: see our Ingredients section)
  • Tea is a favourite note for perfumers, too – which particular brew would you pair with this fragrance?
  • Can you smell the tobacco – and is it smoky or woody to your nose?
  • Picture an exotic outfit inspired by this scent; what materials, textures and colours would it consist of?
  • Which three words best sum up Molton Brown Mesmerising Oud Accord & Gold to you? Hypnotic? Precious? Heady? Over to you…
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