Minnies Boutique – our exclusive Interview with the glam gals from TOWIE as they launch their fragrant treats…

A pink leopard print bus parked on London’s South Bank could only mean one thing: the ladies from TOWIE were in town, and with fragrant pampering on our minds, we strode towards them, determined to find out their favourite smells of all time (something we cannot resist asking everyone we meet – so psychologically revealing!)
Sam, Billie, Sue and Libby are perhaps best known from starring in the hit TV series The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE to those in the know) and, it turns out, are never ones to rest on their laurels. Having banded together to launch their highly successful eponymous fashion and accessories boutique, based in Essex, their passion for pampering propelled them onto a whole new path…
Having just launched the Minnies Boutique range of beauty products, they urge you to spoil yourself with the fun and flirty collection – from fragrance filled bath bombs to luxurious moisturiser, a scented body spray , luscious body powders and ultra-glam finishing touches such as faux lashes and false nails – Minnies Boutique promise to have your whole  pre-party routine covered.

During our exclusive interview (watch the video, above!) we certainly got to know more about their fragrant tastes – and you can, too, by trying the shimmering treat in our Modern Classics Discovery Box

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