Miller Harris launch Pret-a-Partie travel sprays to spritz and go!

Now the rain, hail and yes, even snow has ceased, it’s all blue skies and sunshine out there. We actually ventured forth today without jackets for the first time in forever, how exciting! Funny how a glimpse of sun can lift your mood and set you thinking of thrilling travel plans or simply enjoying the warmer days ahead…

With that in mind, how timely for Miller Harris to launch their charming Pret-a-Partie travel collection this week – a stylish holder and dinky-sizes of their top-selling scents (you can choose from three, below) to slot securely inside. We’re sure you’re like us and require beautiful fragrances about your person at all times, and these slip easily in even the smallest bag for on-the-go-glamour.

The Pret-a-Partie travel collection will be priced at £95 for the re-fillable travel spray and 9ml eau de parfum of your choice (the travel holder normally costs £75 to purchase separately).


Collections of 3 x 9ml refills are available in the following fragrances…

Coeur de Jardin: Crisp, fruity and hesperidic, Coeur de Jardin’s story begins with Italian bergamot and lemon, textured pear and peach. The narrative sequence twists and turns with blooms of Turkish rose, jasmine absolute and tuberose absolute. A cacophony of florals and fruits, orris butter, amber, musk, moss and patchouli compete and create the experience of a beautiful addictive sillage.
£50 for 3 x 9ml eau de parfum

Feuilles de Tabac: Rich woods, tobacco leaves and spices give an addictive quality making it a sensuous choice for men. Cuban cascarilla oil and pimento berries contrast with a cooling heart of pine needles and velvet sage whilst creamy tonka bean and Malay patchouli complete this evocative fragrance.
£50 for 3 x 9ml eau de parfum

Noix de Tubéreuse: The intensely fragrant leaves of the tuberose plant are at the heart of this powerful and expansive scent. Top notes of wild green clover, mimosa and violet animate this mysteriously exotic fragrance while tonka bean, orris and amber provide its sensual foundation.
£50 for 3 x 9ml eau de parfum

Written by Suzy Nightingale

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