Go foraging with Miller Harris in the city…

Inspired by urban foraging, Miller Harris’s latest trio of fragrances convert city greens into scents of dreams. They worked with revered perfumers, Bertrand Duchaufour and Mathieu Nardin, to create three perfumes that embrace unusual fragrance ingredients that can be found all over the city. Read the hauntingly beautiful poems to match each fragrance, below, along with our reviews of these wonderfully summery scents, and get ready to crawl down the glorious rabbit hole with Miller Harris


LOST in the city

At last

Reward for straying off the well-trodden path

Hoodwinked by burdock posing as rhubarb.

So I took the birds as my guide.

And there on their perch between the ferns…

Blackcurrant, wild and tantalizing.

Lost (in the city) is a celebration of the sharp pink ingredient, rhubarb. Splashing fruity blackcurrants across a bed of wild rhubarb, rose and geranium. Tart, fizzy and impossibly moreish – prepare to have the child brought out in you with this one, as it plants a smile firmly on your face. Base notes of Earl Grey tea, crisp amber and musk settle in, but not before you’ve had your fill of bright, tangy fruits.

Head:  bergamot zest, angelica seed, blackcurrant

Heart: rhubarb, rose petals, geranium

Lasting Impressions: earl grey tea, crisp amber, musk



HIDDEN on the rooftops

A trove of privet and violet

Lure for the bees they call bumbling

(and yet far nor wiser than I)

My companions flicker through the fauna

Utterly in the pollinating present,

Panning for golden nectar.

An undeniably green opening, of clary sage and violet leaf, is sharpened with the zest of bergamot and lime. Specks of honey and pollen drift off the honeysuckle bush and into a flower bed of syringa, privet flower and Turkish roses. A heavenly veil of sweetness that lies of a base of rich woods. A masterfully crafted and deeply moreish concoction that dispenses a cloud of Spring with every spritz.

Head: bergamot, lime, angelica Seeds, violet leaf absolute, clary sage, red berries, black pepper

Heart: syringa, privet flower, pollen, honey, honeysuckle, Turkish rose oil, tea

Lasting Impressions: vetiver, ambergris, sandalwood, driftwood, musk



WANDER through the parks

long enough your vision changes.

One day I saw the wood.

The next, the trees.

Then all at once, all the life that grows beneath the leaves…

And now I can’t stop looking.

Knowledge grows wild –

And strings like nettles.

Turning a garden pest into something glorious, Miller Harris’ ode to the nettle is a wash of green. Sappy and vegetal, notes of galbanum, fig, nettle and tuberose create a harmony. Spikes of grapefruit, mandarin and blackcurrant add tingly fruitiness in the top. Whilst the base slinks off back into the earth it came from, violet leaf, patchouli fraction and cashmere wood all play under the concrete.

Head: pink grapefruit, juicy mandarin, blackcurrant, pink berries

Heart: galibanum, fig, nettle, Indian tuberose

Lasting Impressions: violet leaf, cashmere wood, patchouli fraction, musk


Wander (through the Parks), Lost (in the City) and Hidden (on the Rooftops) all £95 for 50ml eau de parfum

At Miller Harris

Written by Carson Parkin-Fairley 

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