Miller Harris: forever wrapped in love

When you really fall in love, you want to keep it forever – and that’s never been more true for Miller Harris and their ultra-cute collectable (and totally re-usable) gift tins, pouches and ribbons to wrap that special scented gift in this Valentine’s day.

Miller Harris have once again collaborated with one of their favourite artists, Nottingham based artist and fashion illustrator Laura Quick, who has designed an exclusive bronze tin featuring her uniquely quirky sketches, along with a soft white denim gifting pouch and stickers of Laura’s signature designs, to decorate however you desire. The pictures really are adorable – showcasing love-hearts, little Miller Harris perfume bottles, roses a-bloom and a Bowie-esque thunderbolt.


The concept behind the tin and customisable gift-wrap otions is that this isn’t something to be thrown away and wasted (as so many perfume packages still are). Here’s an extra gift that’s been designed to be re-used time and time again. Why not use it to keep bundles of love letters and special cards, or little trinkets and memories that relate to each of your favourite fragrances? Or a handy place to gather all those perfume samples you keep meaning to try, perhaps…?

However you choose to use yours, we apllaud fragrance houses who look beyond the obvious and make a cosnscious effort to minimise waste – in a way that feels fun and fresh, something you want to keep forever because you love it.

The tin, pouch and stickers are available as gift wrap options in all Miller Harris stores for Valentine’s day 2020 – but hurry, because the design is a special limited edition: so if you love it, don’t lose out!

Now the only question remains: what would we fill it with? If you’re stuck for an idea, follow your nose to some of our favourites, below…

Brighton Rock’s big-hearted Ida Arnold is the muse for this proper-handbag, lipstick-kissed, buxom embrace of a scent. Think glamorously disordered dressing tables and delightfully déshabillé dames up to no good (but with best of intentions) amidst a powdery orris, carrot oil and heliotrope affair. The amber-rich and vanilla-infused dry down is something to snuggle up to and savour for simply hours, this is voluptuously wonderful.

Violet Ida £85 for 50ml eau de parfum


A deeply woody fragrance that’s tenaciously adventurous while comfortingly grounding – think of a shady forest at sunset amidst a mossy background – and you get one of the sexiest, smouldering and evocatively earthy fragrances ever. Whereas many supposedly vetiver-centric scents shy away from the ruggedness of the note – there’s no fear of shyness in this thrillingly enticing blend, which is smoothed to perfection and lasts well until the morning after the night before…

Vetiver Insolent £80 for 50ml eau de parfum


Inspired by urban foraging, Miller Harris’s trio turned often overlooked city greens into scents of dreams. We lost our hearts to Lost (in the city) – a celebration of that vibrant pink zing of rhubarb, splashing fruity blackcurrants across a bed of wildly tumbling rose and geraniums. Earl Grey tea, crisp amber and musk settle in with a sigh – but not before you’ve had your fill of those still bright fruits. It’s tart, fizzy, moreish and utterly brimming over with joy for romantic urban bohemians.

Lost (in the city) £100 for 50ml eau de parfum

Originally a bespoke fragrance for iconic actress and style muse Jane Birkin, this richly evocative blend of foresty oakmoss is woven through with softly sweet musk, swirls of smoky vanilla, warm amber and a hint of Tunisian neroli to cut through this mysteriously hazy and totally addictive blend. Along with leather and paper, there’s something mischievously naughty in the patchouli dry down. We heard that Jane reportedly sprays it behind her knees so that she wafts a soft trail behind her as she walks away – something we’ve practised ever since!

L’Air de Rien £110 for 100ml eau de parfum

By Suzy Nightingale

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