Michael Kors’s new fragrance trio is a shimmering 24 carat winner

Not one, not two but three glamorous new creations from Michael Kors have just launched and are set to accessorise autumn, designed to reflect the luxury of this precious metal – and with the most striking tall, slim, ‘gilded’ packaging. Here, the designer tells us about his inspirations – and scroll down to read about the fragrances themselves.

What inspired the Michael Kors Gold Collection? What does Gold represent to you?
‘I’ve always loved gold—to me, there’s nothing sexier than a woman with a beautiful glow after an amazing vacation – and nothing complements that glow better than shimmering gold jewellery. A luxe fragrance is the finishing touch for any woman.

Why is Gold the next Michael Kors fragrance chapter? How do the Gold fragrances relate to your beauty philosophy?
I always think of fragrance as the final detail. You wouldn’t put on an amazing gown and then just walk out the door for the night. There’s still that checklist: the makeup, the hair, the jewelry, the shoes. I think for every chic woman, fragrance is a part of that package. It is what makes a glamorous outfit complete, and sometimes it’s one of the first things someone notices about you and it may be the last thing they remember.

What is your history with the color Gold in fashion and in life?
I’ve always believed that hints of gold make any look just a little more glamorous. And I think with gold you can turn up or turn down the glamour—you can wear an oversized watch and it’s glamorous but a little sporty; a long gold necklace is instantly a little sexier and a pair of metallic heels is glamour to its fullest.

Are there any iconic style moments inspired by gold that stick with you?
There are so many fabulous gold moments in classic Hollywood movies. There was Katharine Hepburn in the gold lamé gown in Bringing up Baby—the one that rips. I love Katharine Hepburn and that scene makes me laugh every time. Grace Kelly literally glowed in a gold gown in To Catch a Thief. And of course, there was the pleated gold lamé dress that Marilyn Monroe wore in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes—the censors thought it was so risqué they only allowed it to be shown from the back. And last but most opulently, there was Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra.

You chose three metallic fragrances for this collection: 24K Brilliant Gold, White Luminous Gold and Rose Radiant Gold. What attitude are these fragrances each meant to represent? Are they for different women or different moments?
The idea behind the fragrances is more about individual preferences—your mood, your taste, your plans for the day or night. Sometimes a woman wakes up and she’s feeling powerful and she puts on white gold. Other times she wants to be a little more romantic so she slips on rose gold. Or she wants to be completely glamorous so she wears yellow gold. And then there are women who only wear one metal or the other. I think when you smell all three fragrances you’ll find the one, or two, or three that work for you.

You have evoked a ‘Gold Lifestyle’ through this collection. Besides fragrance, what is vital to living the Michael Kors Gold life?
A healthy glow—everyone loves the promise of escape.

Which three words come to mind when you hear ‘gold’?
Opulent, luxurious, glamorous.

Will we see the Gold theme translate into your fashion line in a major way?
There’s going to be a new jewellery collection to complement these fragrances. And in the Michael Kors world, there’s always opulence, luxury and glamour.

Do you have advice for incorporating gold into a head-to-toe look?  Does your advice vary per the type of gold?
I think you have to be very confident to wear head-to-toe gold, and I’d say keep the makeup and hairstyle to a minimum.

What is your opinion on the ‘less-is-more’ approach when it comes to gold? Are you a ‘more-is-more’ person?
I’m a Leo, so I’m both! But I do think there’s a way to have a balance between the two. For everyday, I’d probably say less is more, but when the time is right I’m all for full-on glamour.’
And now, that line up of fragrances…

Michael Kors 24K Brilliant Gold A voluptuous, va-va-voom floral, a-sparkle with orange mandarin, and mellowing on the skin to a soft woodsiness. Ultra-feminine, ultra-glam – and for the woman who favours heels over Birkenstocks, that’s for sure.

Michael Kors Radiant Gold Warm spices with soft musks and armfuls of white flowers for a fragrance to put a little extra sway in your sashay.

Michael Kors White Luminous Gold Something different, here, with a decidedly Chypre edge. (This had us spritzing and re-spritzing, at the Mayfair celebration launch dinner.) It’s cooler, more understated, and very, very sophisticated indeed: luscious with touches of pear accenting the jasmine heart – yet cocooning with its lasting amber warmth. If the other ‘Golds’ somehow cry out for your sassiest party frock, you could walk into a board meeting and own the room with this confidence-booster.

Michael Kors Gold Collection £39 each for 30ml eau de parfum
Find then at Debenhams

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