The Merchant Of Venice Discovery Set

The Merchant of Venice invites you on an enchanting journey through the different olfactory families to discover their Murano Collection.

A unique set that reinterprets the art of Venetian Perfumery, it is inspired by its craftsmanship and age-old trade with the Orient. Encompassing the exotic ingredients that Venice traded, the perfumes and packaging evoke the rich traditions and history on which this noble city was founded.

Perfect for the fragrance lover, this special gift set – priced at only £30 – are an ideal way to discover, explore and enjoy this luxurious brand.

The Merchant Of Venice is a luxury fragrance house for men and women directly inspired by the city it calls home. Try it’s famous Murano Collection for yourself today!

6x 4ml spray vials of The Murano Collection 

Flower Fusion – Flower Fusion makes you unforgettable: the Damascus rose and the violet of Provence carry within them the mysterious scents of aquatic rose and jasmine. It is a rare and luxurious gem expressing pure femininity

Rosa Moceniga – Elegant and exquisite, its flourishing rose scent is destined to dress the pulse points of a woman who can’t help but turn heads. The rich and exotic blend of Rosa Moceniga adds a new and intriguing facet to her already attractive demeanour.

Mandarin Carnival – Colorful and playful, Mandarin Carnival releases the citrus freshness of the best native mandarins and, through the sweetness of the tamarind, opens the doors of the most unexplored exotic places.

Byzantium Saffron – With the classic elegance of its amber notes, Byzantium Saffron embraces and enriches the passion of this ancient idyllic love. These notes, combined with Indonesian patchouli, make the perfume the olfactory pass-par-tout of those who love travelling in luxury to the most intriguing and exuberant lands.

Noble Potion – Noble Potion embodies the smooth sensuality of the finest sandalwood and cedarwood of Lebanon, and merges them with the citrus freshness of bergamot and orange blossoms. Its intensity is softened by the velvety notes of violet, making the wearer both attractive and mysterious

Suave Petals – The soft velvety touch of Suave Petals creates sensorial layers that lightly grace a woman’s skin. The delicate and seductive union of white rose, orris of Florence, and the ambrée fascination of patchouli, create an aura of mystery

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