Meet the Founder: Pierre Guguen of L’Orchestre Parfums

Live Instagram Q+A on Wednesday 8th July 2020 at 12.30p.m.

We’re delighted to welcome Pierre Guguen to our next InstaLive, to share the fascinating story behind his creations. Music and fragrance have long been in harmony, and for French niche house of L’Orchestre Parfum, the instruments, artisans and musicians inspire note-perfect perfumes ‘to smell and listen to…’

Pierre is a man ruled by twin passions – music and fragrance – describing himself as both a ‘perfumer and musician.’ With the founding of L’Orchestre Parfum in 2017, these two seemingly separate talents created the perfect duet.

We’ll put readers’ questions to Pierre during the Instagram Live online chat with Suzy Nightingale (which will later appear on our YouTube channel). But to get you thinking…

• Why does he feel that music and fragrance are so closely linked?

• Do perfumes other than his own conjure up particular pieces of music, in his mind?

• How has #lockdown impacted on the creativity needed to dream up and launch new scents?

• What are his plans for future L’Orchestre creations?

• Is there one piece of music in existence that he’d love to translate into scent – and how does he think it would smell?

Whatever you like, actually… Simply fill in the form below, to submit your question.

We’ll be going live from The Perfume Society Instagram account – @theperfumesociety – on Wednesday 8th July 2020 at 12.30pm UK time.

Read more about L’Orchestre Parfum here

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