Meet the founder Instagram Live: Sophie Vann-Guillon

Our next guest on Instagram Live is a the dynamic Sophie Vann-Guillon, co-owners of Valmont skincare, whose exquisite Storie Veneziane fragrances have just burst onto the scent scene, transporting us and buoying up our spirits at a time when we can’t physically travel.

They’re inspired by the Italian city of Venice, once the cradle of perfumer, where Sophie and her husband Didier Guillon have an exquisite palazzo. Venice, of course, is a city whose history is woven through that of perfume itself, via its trade routes, its sensuality, its famous love of luxury. It is a project born of the shared passion of Sophie and Didier for art and materials, and we’ll put readers’ questions to Sophie during the Instagram Live online chat with Jo Fairley (which will later appear on our YouTube channel). But to get you thinking…

• What made Sophie want to launch her own perfume house?

• How can fragrance capture a sense of place?

• What have been the biggest challenges of running a fragrance and skincare company, through lockdown?

• How does Storie Veneziane work with its perfumers?

• How does Sophie envision the luxury perfume landscape after ‘all this’ is over?

Whatever you like, actually… Simply fill in the form below, to submit your question.

We’ll be going live from The Perfume Society Instagram account – @theperfumesociety – on Wednesday 17th June 2020 at 12.30pm UK time. Make that a date!

Read more about Storie Veneziane by Valmont here

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