MAKING MEMORIES DISCOVERY BOX: Valeur Absolue Fragrance Trio

Valeur Absolue is something different in perfumery: inspired by aromachology, mineral therapy and 17th Century fine perfumery, these fragrances have been composed specifically to enhance specific moods – uplifting, relaxing and revitalising you.

Each of the full-size bottles contains a specific semi-precious stones/mineral: a treat for the eyes, but also there to infuse the fragrances with their natural powers. Valeur Absolue refer to them as ‘elixirs of wellness’ – and the trio of samples in your Making Memories Discovery Box allows you to experience the essential oils’ mood-shifting actions for yourself…

Harmonie Centred around a note of white musk, this floral features soothing elements of neroli citron and Earl Grey tea, smoothly giving way to the soft voluptuousness of wood and vanilla. Orange blossom and bergamot, manganese and potassium minerals are said to stimulate the release of beta-endorphins: nature’s ‘feel-good’ hormones. When you treat yourself to the full-size bottle, you’ll find within stones of semi-precious amethyst: shake before use for a total treat for the senses.

Joie-Éclat This translates as ‘joy radiance’, fusing fresh pink grapefruit with green cardamom in the fresh top notes. The ‘wellbeing’ element comes from the addition of essential oils of grapefruit, vetiver, magnesium and potassium minerals – and the visible elements within are encapsulated diamond powder, hinting at the richness of the fragrance. We love the way vetiver and musk make for a beautiful ‘sillage’, or trail, to this perfume.
Sensualité Light and airy, you’ll encounter feminine May rose and white flowers at the heart of this Valeur Absolue floral: essential oils of rose and jasmine along with calcium and potassium minerals for that ‘feel-good factor’. Inside the full-size bottle are pearl beads – a symbol of femininity – which should be shaken before use, infusing the fragrance with their minerality while creating a beautiful, almost ‘snow-globe’ effect.

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