Our Perfume Society Co-Founder Jo Fairley vividly remembers being at the launch of this iconic fragrance – and the olfactory ‘shock’ of smelling the very first Ambrée gourmand fragrance ever launched. It created an entirely new ‘fragrance family’, and Angel has since gone on to become one of the world’s bestselling fragrances,

Angel is an object lesson in what it takes to create a ‘classic’ (something every brand hopes for, but only very rarely achieve): a strong character, a memorable signature and a stunning combination of notes. Perfumer Olivier Cresp was supremely generous with the patchouli in this fragrance, using it to balance elements of good-enough-to-eat caramel, praline, vanilla and candy floss, which were inspired by Thierry Mugler’s childhood memories of a fairground.

For his debut scent, the designer wanted something innovative, original and distinctive – and it remains so, to this day. It also features as one of the ‘100 Fragrances to Try Before You Die’ in The Perfume Bible – and if you’ve never tried it on your skin, we’re delighted to give you the opportunity, with this beautiful star-shaped prestige sample.

Thierry Mugler Angel full size from £48 for 25ml eau de parfum
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