MAKING MEMORIES Discovery Box: Angela Flanders Precious One

Awarded Best New Independent Fragrance 2012 by the Fragrance Foundation UK, Precious One is remarkable London-based perfumer Angela Flanders‘s homage to her daughter’s ‘Precious’ boutique.

Looking for new inspiration following her successful career as a television costume designer, Angela opened her first Shoreditch shop in 1985, initially selling her fabulously unconventional and one-off pieces of home decor and hand-crafted pot pourri.

Spurred on by customer requests, and refining her technique, she went on to create home fragrance sprays. Finally, Angela developed a true and lasting passion for perfume that led to a truly original collection of personal fragrances that are unlike anything else, yet have a dignified majesty that defines them as instant cult classics. The selection truly reflects her diverse customer base and inspiration.

For Precious One, we are treated to a richly blooming accord of fleur des nuits, tuberose and jasmine resting gently on a base of the softest green mossy Chypre, while oakmoss cossets the heart and layers of smoky vetiver unfurl their cool charms around you like the welcome caress from an evening breeze. Classically beautiful while deeply intriguing, this is a Chypre to treasure forever.

Angela Flanders Precious One £75 for 40ml eau de parfum
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