Make like Marilyn Monroe with Floris Rose Geranium Bath Essence (and in a very good cause…)

We all know what Marilyn Monroe wore to bed.

But what did she like to bathe in, beforehand…?

The extraordinary historic archive at Floris on Jermyn Street – which we will be exploring with our Perfume Society VIPs at a future event – reveal a letter from Marilyn Monroe thanking the fragrance house for her latest consignment of Rose Geranium Bath Essence.

What superb taste she clearly had: this is one of our own favourite nostalgic bath treats, with just a drop or two filling the room with its incredible powdery rose geranium fragrance. Alongside the geranium, you’ll enjoy fresh citrus touches, and a beautifully pared-down base of cedarwood.

A much-loved Floris classic – first launched in 1890 – the perfume house has just released it as a limited edition in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, with a generous £35 of the £55 price going to the charity’s work. They take care not only of the person who’s suffering from cancer, but the family, friends, partners and carers around them.

Touchingly, Floris write: ‘Over the past 24 months the Floris team and wider business has been affected deeply by cancer, and as a small family business, felt the impact that this disease has – both on those afflicted with it, but also to those around who love and care for them.’

Floris’s ninth generation family member Edward Bodenham says: ‘We are honoured to be able to help support such a noble organisation that gives unfathomable care to so many people on a daily basis. I cannot express just how much the wonderful team at Macmillan has helped, and been there for, our family and friends.’

Not often a press release brings tears to our eyes – but we encourage you to support Floris‘s fund-raising effort. And enjoy a little ‘Marilyn moment’, and some well-deserved TLC, while you’re at it.

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