Maison Martin Margiela – whisking us through time and space

Fashion house Maison Martin Margiela always fills us with yearning intrigue to see (and smell) the next in the line of Replica fragrances. Inspired by the ‘timeless’ Replica fashion range, there are two new perfumes for 2014 adding to the current six scents in the collection, each Tardis-ing us to a particular time and place.

At the Barber’s
At the Barber’s is the second male fragrance in the collection, this time journeying us to Madrid, 1992. Created by nose, Louise Turner, it’s a supremely herbaceous, masculine scent, “I was inspired by the memory of my father getting ready in the morning. The aromatic notes of lavender mixed with the smell of soap bubbles in the gentle warmth of the bathroom’. Notes include, lavender, tonka beans, basil and white musk.
Tea Escape
A voyage to a tea service in Tokyo, circa 2008. Tea Escape is a spicy, tranquil scent, described as a ‘fresh gourmand’ and continues the current coloured trend in the market, with a light, prettily green juice. It features the destinies of bergamot, twisted with pink pepper, the sweet flora of osmanthus and jasmine, injecting edible notes of milk and puffed rice – and the green tea which its evocative name hints at…
Maison Martin Margeila At the Barber’s and Tea Escape £65 for 100ml eau de toilette
Try it at: Selfridges

Written by Alice Crocker

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