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Here at The Perfume Society, we are all about helping you find a new scent love. From our sample-filled Discovery Boxes to our weekly round ups of which of latest launches we are love, love, loving, we’re here to help you learn and discover more about fragrance. This week we have been continuously spritzing these five scents around the office – and we can definitely confirm that they are a must try! Pack your blotters – and head for the counter.


Known as ‘blue gold’, iris has become perfumery’s priciest ingredient – at the launch of Iris Rebelle, Atelier Cologne co-founder Sylvie Ganter explained that the oil now sells for $120,000 a kilo. Iris can go very ‘girly’ – but here, in a stunning creation inspired by backstage at the ballet, its suede-like and almost earthy qualities are pronounced, dancing alongside black pepper, orange flower, bergamot, lavender and rose, with patchouli, guaiac and white musk taking the curtain call.
From £65 for 30ml Cologne absolu

It’s difficult to improve on a classic, but Creed have managed it by weaving luminous, dewy rose petals and iris so airy – as though just-applied with a swansdown puff, motes of powder still dancing and twinkling in sunbeams – to create a sun-kissed, shade-dappled scent that will breeze you through summer. A limited edition, this, and surely a must-have for any brides considering what to pair with their romantic yet contemporarily chic gowns…
£180 for 75ml eau de toilette

Soirée is an invitation to a masked ball, beckoning us to throw on our best feathers, rhinestones and bikini (and whatever you do, don’t forget the glitter). Never letting us down, the bottle sets the scene, it pink fur, splashes of paint and gold emblems perfectly evoking feminine gloss and tanned sunsets. Imagine sparkling mandarin, two types of jasmine, waterlily and sultry amber tones, confidently and unapologetically swirling in this exuberant summer night’s scent.
From £39 for 30ml eau de parfum

The latest addition to Floris‘s Fragrance Journals – each evoking a particularly iconic year – 1927 kicks off with a swing as aldehydes burst like champagne bubbles into bergamot, and we can almost hear the giggles as cocktails are carried to the drawing room. Bright Young Things in barely-there bias-cut silks swing their pearls, violet, ylang ylang, narcissus and mimosa sashay their way to dancing on the tables – and an oakmoss-like, vanilla-musk base adds to sophisticated high-jinks.
£140 for 100ml eau de parfum

Inspired by Paul Smith celebrated use of colour, revered perfumers Dominique Ropion and his rapidly rising star apprentice Fanny Bal have created a scent equally as bold and bright as the designer’s renowned stripes. Aromatic lavender is sprinkled over apple, coriander and yellow mandarin, with strong base notes of vetiver and patchouli given a sensual touch with cistus absolute. And the bottle? Smartly dressed in Mr. Smith’s iconic stripes, of course.
£35 for 50ml eau de toilette

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