Long-lasting citrus-fresh, Cologne-style scents (which won’t wilt in the heat)

We adore the freshness of a citrus-infused Cologne, but soul-reviving though that sparkle of freshness is in summer, they traditionally don’t last very long on the skin. Now, there’s a whole banquet of thirst-quenching and uplifting citrus scents to try, which last WAY longer and keep our spirits up for HOURS, hurrah!

There’s no doubt that in July, juicy citrus scents are the order of the month, we feel – yes, of course when it’s sunny they feel so appropriate, but even when the weather’s not playing ball (as of late) it’s time to let those citrus scents shine! Wearing juicy-smelling citrus Cologne-style fragrances brings the feeling of joyous sunshine in a fragrance, no matter the weather. Now, put the brollies away and get sparkling with these contemporary twists on the traditional Cologne…





Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Media Forte

Francis Kurkdjian’s Aqua Cologne Forte collection is suffused with light and freshness, its philosophy seeking to help us cultivate ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. Thus, we welcome Media Forte, ‘the embodiment of balance and harmony’, a deceptively simple construction that is tangibly fresh and citrus bright, showcasing Italian bergamot, radiant hedione and aromatic sweet fennel, grounded in a green moss facet, patchouli and woody musks. Spray, breathe, chill.

From £115 for 35ml eau de parfum





Shloksha Bouquet Monument

This scent stands out from the rest of the stunning collection for its vivacious vibrancy and freshness. Excitingly zingy, they describe it as ‘young, aquatic and sparkly with an amber base’ (we’d say it makes you feel ten years younger to wear it, energy-levels-wise!’ From the juicy exuberance of the opening fruitiness there’s a floral bouquet as it warms, the petals fizzing as they bloom, with that warming amber glow of a base as the lasting, resonant trail…

£54.95 for 30ml eau de parfum in our shop






Master of understated simplicity, Jean-Claude Ellena taps into his Italian background here, where – as he explains – ‘several beverages celebrate bitterness.’ Front and centre is grapefruit, considered in Asia to be a sacred fruit which was offered to the gods; Jean-Claude worked on the fruit’s ‘lively and sour freshness’, while stressing its bitter scent.’ Pink pepper, resinous lentisque, patchouli, white musk and vetiver feature in the olfactive chorus line of this fresh, shareable masterpiece.

£90 for 100ml eau de parfum Cologne





Experimental Perfume Club Bergamot / Incense

A bergamot full of complexities. This brings out all the facets of this radiant citrus fruit via contrasting ingredients, with frankincense and olibanum bolstering the dry warmth and slight smokiness of incense oil. Juniper berry plays to its bright, zingy nature, with a tingle to the nose. Tea notes and a supple iris absolute calm and soothe.

Currently £92 for 50ml eau de parfum

(Try Bergamot / Incense with eight other EPC sample sizes in their Discovery Set Essential, £50 for 9 x samples in our shop





Robert Piguet Cravache

Originally launched in 1963, we celebrate the revivification of Piguet’s classics, now under the guardianship of genius nose, Aurelian Guichard. Here, the citrus zing has the sparkle turned up to eleven, with quenching mandarin, bitter orange and bright petitgrain zesting up even the dullest of days. Granted the addition of jasmine, orris, sage and saffron, the clarity of the composition remains, even in the snuggle of tree moss-lined woodiness as it warms.

£205 for 100ml eau de parfum


Written by Suzy Nightingale

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