New balls, please! Library of Fragrance launch Wimbledon

Few things are more quintessentially British than the onset of Wimbledon season and a sudden glut of strawberries on the supermarket shelves. Along with the inevitable rain stopping play, crowds of super-fans on Henman Hill and a fleeting resurgence of faith in British sporting hopes, the scents of summer are definitely entwined with this great tradition.

Launching a limited edition trio of perfumes that capture all the excitement of Wimbledon, The Library of Fragrance announce that you, too, can now smell of Strawberries & Cream, Grass Court and even – hold on to your straw boaters – New Balls.

Oh yes indeed, never ones to shy away from olfactory oddities these champions of the unusual, literal or never-before-bottled notes are offering the whole experience as a spritz-able phenomenon. While New Balls may be a bit of a Marmite divider of opinion (but worth it even for the snigger-inducing name alone, or as a gift for a tennis-fan, we say); the other two do exactly what they say on the bottle – as with so much of this range – and are utterly wearable.

New Balls
‘Celebrating the distinctive fresh-out-of-the can scent of new tennis balls, this cologne is perhaps best-reserved for die-hard match fans. Wear it on Henman Hill to feel closer to the action…’
£15 for 30ml Cologne

Strawberries & Cream
‘Fresh strawberries and a generous pour of double cream are the order of the day for this sweet, cool cologne’.
£15 for 3oml Cologne

Grass Court
‘Capturing the just-mown scent of the grass court, this happy, reviving scent is Wimbledon, bottled’.
£15 for 30ml Cologne

Available as limited editions for Wimbledon from Library of Fragrance.

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