Learn all about Chypres – from a multi-award-winning natural perfumer

We’re delighted to unveil a very special upcoming even with Marina Barcenilla – a perfumer who’s creating quite the stir in the perfume world, with a small West Country artisan perfumery – notching up an impressive tally of Awards. Her vision? ‘To create the finest fragrances using what nature has to offer’ – and thereby ‘rediscover the soul of perfume’.
This intimate evening with is the latest in our series of Perfume Society events and workshops – and we encourage you to book early to avoid disappointment…
Fragrance Foundation Award-winning natural perfumer Marina Barcenilla will be delving into the world of Chypres to reveal: what exactly is a Chypre fragrance? Who launched the first Chypre? What makes up a Chypre accord, and what notes are commonly found in this most sophisticated of fragrance families? All these questions – and more will be answered by Marina in this fun and fascinating fragrance workshop.
Marina Barcenilla is a natural perfumer with awards for many of her creations. In 2016 she won the coveted Fragrance Foundation Award for Best New Independent Fragrance with her scent, India, and in 2017 won a second Award for Black Osmanthus. Marina’s decision to use nature-derived ingredients in fragrances (some of which she will share with us at the event) stems from a love of the complexity of natural aromas. Marina teaches Natural Perfumery Workshops at her studio in Glastonbury regularly, but this is a unique opportunity to meet her in London.
Expect to walk away with not only a nose full of wonderful smells – but a better understanding of one of the most ravishing fragrance families.
Guests will take home a goody bag with small samples kits of the main materials covered in the evening, and will be offered a generous 20% discount on all Marina Barcenilla products on the night. 
Tickets are £30 to subscribers and their guests  

DATE: Thursday 26th October 2017
VENUE: 34 King Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8SB
TIMES: 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Once purchased, tickets are refundable up to 48 hours prior to the event

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