Latest Launches: You Smell Delicious!

Who wouldn’t want to smell good enough to eat? Not us! This week’s latest launches are truly a feast for the senses. From mouth-watering Perfumer H Pear to the sassy L’Orchestre Electro Limonade and more, you’ll be making yourself irresistible to all who swoon in your wake.

For many of us, autumn is our favourite season: mists, mellow fruitfulness, bonfires, crisp mornings. Deftly, the nature-focused Swedish brand’s latest captures all of that, via bright fruits of pomelo and kumquat, aromatic lavender and eucalyptus, petals of apple blossom and jasmine, woven through with the smokiness of vetiver, papyrus, guaiac wood and the sweetness of pink praline. We’re dreaming of toffee apples round a crackling fire, all snuggled up in this.
£85 for 50ml eau de parfum
Whoosh! If you’re having a sluggish day, here’s a scent to make you feel supernaturally refreshed from the very first spritz. A mélange of mouth-watering lemon and lime are grated onto a cocktail of natural ginger accord – not the fiery dryness we sometimes smell in fragrances, but a less aggressive, aquatic take that warms the cockles, nonetheless. With the heat enhanced by a tingle of pink pepper, then tempered by cooling cardamom, joy abounds.
£125 for 100ml eau de parfum
Part of the ‘Lost in Wonder’ collection and inspired by ancient hanging gardens, get ready to be beguiled by the milky plumpness of figs, beautifully enlivened by the sunshine-in-a-bottle happiness of neroli. The green juiciness and brightness afforded by the neroli cuts through any notes that might have otherwise become too creamy to feel refreshing,  and make this a pleasure to wear in any season. Wonderfully unisex, too, we feel, and of course, so-layerable.
£100 for 100ml eau de Cologne
This like a nod to the finest tradition of French perfumery, a harking back to when buying women made pilgrimages to perfumeries with the intention of finding new scent, wearing their finery. (You could do worse than plan exactly that around a trip to Lyn Harris’s Marylebone boutique, actually.) In other words, bottled sophistication, via mandarin, bergamot, white pear, white iris and rosewood, with a sprinkling of sugared musk and vanilla. Just so, so pretty.
From £140 for 50ml eau de parfum
At Perfumer H
Forget where you are, close your eyes and inhale as Nathalie Feisthauer’s fragrance takes you ‘to a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea at sunset, with a “chill out” cocktail in hand’. Mixing fizzing citrus and mint, capricious rhubarb and orange blossom sway to a groove that throbs over the amber wood, incense and Haitian vetiver base. Aromatic electronica, interpreted by NIID in the accompanying musical track = laidback vibes resonating into the early hours.
£129 for 100ml eau de parfum

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