Latest Launches: Where shall we go?

Freedom can go to one’s head, so why not capture that giddy feeling in a fragrance? Travel to Lemon Island with Atelier Cologne, or why not try a touch of Italian chic with Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dream? Meanwhile, you’ll find us in the souk, wearing Aesop Marrakesh Intense and enjoying a feast of the senses

Vanilla as you’ve never smelled it – resonant of an orchid’s majestic warmth – is generously swirled through bright blackcurrant, violet, creamy ylang ylang and luminescent jasmine. Touched with the tingle of cloves and wrapping you in a soft, spacious hug, måd (for ‘Madagascar’) does good while smelling great: as with all their fragrances, ånd insist on sourcing from ethical, eco-friendly independent producers, giving back directly to the indigenous people who grow and harvest the fragrant ingredients.
From £35 for 10ml eau de parfum
Ramping up the feel-good factor here is the partnership behind the star lemon oil ingredient, via a project which supports 260 growers in Rodrigues, the ‘lemon island’ in the heart of the Indian Ocean (and how much do we long to visit that place…?) Indian jasmine and a vanilla infusion from Madagascar soften the citrus tang, evoking ‘the scent of the ocean with the perfume of sunscreen left on your skin.’ Oh. Yes. Please.
From £55 for 30ml Cologne Absolue
Not sure if we’re more Lara Croft or Indiana Jones, but wearing this it’s a whole lotta fun imagining exploring ruined temples in a humid jungle. Rather than face snakes and frizzy hair, let’s spritz on this aqueous floral filled with a rare white flower known as ‘jazmin yucateco’ in Spanish, sweeter than (yet unrelated to) jasmine. Lapped by luscious bergamot, entwined with passionflower and laced with drifts of lemon-y incense-like copal: exotic adventures await.
£148 for 50ml eau de parfum
Celebrating ‘a new beginning, full of life, hope and optimism’ (YES please!) we’re imagining a golden sunrise over Rome – lemon coloured blossom carpets the pavement as a confident woman strides forth to greet the new day. Floral yet fruity (in the most grown up, effervescent way), this gives us vibes of just-washed hair gleaming in the sun, a vibrant yellow dress, heels kicked off, a musky trail followed in bare feet on sun-warmed cobbles.
£77 for 50ml eau de parfum
Redolent of a Moroccan souk, the richness of the original has been stepped up a gear with an animalic intensity that nonetheless wears close to the skin, so wont knock someone over from the other side of the room. If they’re allowed close, be prepared for swooning (velvet cushions on standby) wafts of dried roses woven with aromatic clove, smooth sandalwood and a caress of cool cardamom. Wear with silk PJs and enjoy the intimacy.
£67 for 10ml parfum

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