Latest Launches: Walking on Sunshine

This week’s latest launches will have you donning your shades for sunny outlooks and a warm front. Reach for Tessa Williams Elements Hope or maybe luxuriate in Maison Sybarite Opulent Wood? Meanwhile Molton Brown brings along the divinely comforting Milk Musk EDP to chase away the clouds. The future’s fragrant!
Escentric Molecules always launch two variants of each of its scents – here the Molecule comprising a single, pure note of Cashmeran. Somehow, brilliant perfumer Geza Schoen conveys a complete sense of woody Mediterranean warmth (which is surely tantamount to olfactive wizardry.) This is possibly because Cashmeran is a particularly complex note, in its own right, both dry and aromatic but also supremely soft and just so comforting. Whatever the reason, it’s our kind of magic.
£80 for 100ml eau de parfum
100% alcohol-free, Maison Sybarite’s milky, magnificent fragrances are perfect to be worn on warmer days and in direct sunshine. Perfumer Antoine Lie here takes inspiration from the voluptuous aromas found in winemaking – a favourite activity of the Sybarites – with a warm, woody background swagged by orange blossom, plump, boozy prunes, supple saffron-spiked leather and an intriguing accord of nutmeg-flecked jasmine with notes of black pepper and ylang ylang on a dry cedarwood base. Utterly addictive.
£160 for 75ml eau de parfum
The fragrant equivalent of snuggling down between clean sheets, with a shrug of cashmere around the shoulders, this showcases a milk accord that is pure nostalgia and comfort, featured here by perfumer Maïa Lernout alongside elements of resinous elemi and benzoin, plus tonka bean. ‘Spritz liberally at pulse points and through the hair to ensconce yourself in a calm, cocooning bubble,’ they recommend. We have – and we’re not sure we’re ever coming out again.
£110 for 100ml eau de parfum
Could the latest shareable creation from Scottish fragrance author-slash-scent-creative Tessa Williams have a more apposite name, for the situation the world finds itself in? A dazzling citrus, Hope sends spirits soaring with a gust or citrusy bergamot, orange, grapefruit and lemon, greeted by green accords of vetiver and galbanum, with the earthiness of moss, patchouli and soft musks keeping us grounded. A fragrance for our times – but delightful in its own right.
£29.95 for 50ml Cologne
The city of Sybaris was founded in 720 BC – a now mythical place that welcomed those with sensual pleasures, and knew how to indulge them. Wearing this alcohol-free fragrance, from the first caress of the silky spritz you’ll succumb to the perfumed pleasures within, as spicy amber smoked with birch tar drifts to warm tingles of cinnamon atop the nutty, tonka-rich base. If there’s a new cult of refined hedonism, we name this the official fragrance!
£160 for 70ml eau de parfum

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