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Latest Launches – they’re smokin’

This week’s latest launches are delighting us with their exotic far-flung aromas. From coffee to pineapple, and oudh to orange flower, there is plenty to tempt us in between, as winter segues into spring…

Perfumer H Smoke Perfume Society latest LaunchesPERFUMER H
Lyn Harris’s seasonal line-up includes Smoke, created to conjure up the smell of the air after burning wood. Lovers of bonfire scents will love to breathe deep of this Ambrée masterpiece, in which geranium, cistus and coriander, rose and cardamom rest on a smouldering base of birch tar, Atlas cedarwood, sandalwood and oudh. (Price quoted is for the apothecary-style brown bottle; the hand-blown version will require a raid on the piggy bank, at a cool £400.)
From £250 for 100ml eau de parfum
At Perfumer H
D squared Wood for her the Perfume Society latest LaunchesDSQUARED2
The latest fragrance from the so-cool design team of Dean and Dan Caten bubbles over with the vivacity of an escaped giggle – Sicilian mandarin and raspberry leaf dancing with the clarity granted by lily of the valley and magnolia. Shards of luminescent jasmine pierce the peach-skin fuzziness of osmanthus, and the musky, woody base feels like ice crystals formed on a cashmere scarf. A joyfully exuberant yet totally modern take on laid-back, cheeky chic.
£59 for 50ml eau de toilette
Shay and Blue 88 Pineapples The Perfume Society Latest LaunchesSHAY & BLUE
A collaboration with the ASOS website brings us four new fragrances from the London-based house, offering unprecedented value for money to boot! Those craving sunshine and holidays in the cooler months should plump for the does-what-it-says-on-the-bottle of 88 Pineapples. Mouth-wateringly luscious and joyfully zingy pineapple sprinkled with sea salt on a cedarwood bed. Three others offer lily- and mandarin-lovers their heart’s desire, with Voulez Vous fusing white flowers, espresso and vanilla.
£12.50 for 10ml eau de toilette
Thameen patalia the Perfume Society Latest LaunchesTHAMEEN
Get thee to Selfridges – where Thameen now have their own in-house boutique – to sniff out the latest in their gem-inspired line-up. At first almost a head-rush of fresh citrus, it blossoms into a bouquet of orange flower and wild roses, skin-warmed to offer up notes of moss, amber and musk. The jewel which this imagines in scent form was the Patiala necklace, featuring 2,930 diamonds set in platinum, commissioned by the Maharajah of Patiala. Just blingtastic.
£145 for 50ml

Xerjoff Golden Moka Perfume Society Latest LaunchesXERJOFF
The Coffee Break collection begins with a fragrantly tempting duo (see Golden Dallah in Women’s) exploring the centuries-old trade of coffee beans in all their deliciousness. Rivulets of blood orange juice, mandarin and lemons trickle over coffee and rose absolutes as tendrils of incense soften the balmy air; Cambodian oudh, amber and labdanum soothe the soul and an intriguing green accord sharpens the senses once more. Velvet cushions, dark brews sipped in the shade, bottled.
€235 for 50ml eau de parfum

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