Latest Launches: The smell of weather turning

As buds turn to blooms dare we hope that summer is coming? This week’s latest launches celebrate the best of seasonal change, captured in scent. Elizabeth Arden White Tea Ginger Lily is certain to add a floral charm to your day, whilst Karen Timson Pendragon brings the mystical forest magic. Geza Shoen ventures into iris territory with Escentric Molecule Iris+01 and we are more than ready to follow.

Scandi brand Bjork & Berries fragrances are inspired by the volatile seasons in northern Sweden, where they certainly have to be more patient for spring than in the UK. Green notes, crisp lemon and cedarwood open up to bittersweet blackberry, garlanded by sprigs of jasmine, then warmed by deep amber and soft musks, resonant of the sun rising over the frozen landscape. True to their eco-roots, this features 84% natural ingredients, with 71% certified organic.
£85 for 50ml eau de parfum
Taking its name from the bar in cool and groovy Saint-Germain in the 60s, beside Diptyque’s first store, Orphéon sets out to evoke the warm, buzzy atmosphere where the brand’s founders relaxed to the sounds of jazz, while exploring boundlessly creative ideas. Woody, floral and subtly spicy, it’s a fabulous fug of tonka, cedarwood, jasmine and juniper that is gender-free and a super-wearable ‘tribute’ to the inspiring heritage of this fabled fragrance name.
£125 for 75ml eau de parfum
Rejoice, all you lovers of the phenomenally successful White Tea fragrances, because – as they like to do each year – Elizabeth Arden have once again unveiled a twist on the original, to keep you interest piqued. The exhilarating, bright floralcy is freshened by a burst of bitter orange, with ginger lily blossoming at the heart. Tethering it to the skin, meanwhile, is a soothing, almost earthily sensual white cedarwood. Our cup of White Tea.
£40 for 100ml eau de toilette
Geza Schoen set the cat amongst the perfumed pigeons when he dared to decant a single note with a complex olfactory profile – Iso E Super – into a bottle, and market it as Molecule 01. The molecule – which some can’t even perceive, while others swear it’s pheromone-like, in its power to attract – has become a global cult classic. Now, Molecule + perfectly pair the original molecule with other single ingredients – starting here with creamy, powdery iris.
£95 for 100ml eau de parfum
There’s definitely something magical about the melding of the verdant herbaceous notes with smoky leather, it’s like a clandestine exploration of an alchemist’s garden with an almanac secreted beneath your cloak. Sweet coriander’s shrouded in a haze of bright bergamot, a dry, peppery undertone uniting the green foliage and the swirl of incense-like sandalwood and oakmoss beneath them. Picture that mystical hour just before the sun sets, when even the familiar is rendered peculiar and enticing…
£99 for 100ml eau de parfum

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