Latest Launches: Tender Blossoms (Hello Spring!)

This week’s latest launches make for a scented bouquet of florals that tell us spring is in the air. Indulge in Clive Christian Crown Collection Crab Apple Blossom, explore iris buds in Guerlain L’Heure Blanche and discover English meadows with Yardley London English Daisy. Winter is so last season!CLIVE_CHRISTIAN_CRAB_APPLE_BLOSSOMCLIVE CHRISTIAN
Once upon a time, a blossoming crab apple tree stood outside the Kensington headquarters of Crown Perfumery – the chosen perfume house of British royalty – which Clive Christian rescued from being lost to history. Now, the house pays homage to the original 1886 scent, and celebrating their unique heritage, the spring blossom is dressed in modern finery, with a salty marine bergamot accord atop fizzy rhubarb and matured sandalwood. Gloriously evocative of sunny days.
£325 for 50ml eau de parfum
This second signature scent from the design house echoes one of their made-to-measure dresses, draping the skin in layers of transparent green notes and the fresher side of peony. Givaudan perfumer Natalie Cetto-Gracia caresses a restrained citrus opening to reveal a hyper-realistic juicy pear, before enveloping the floral heart with a scattering of rose, ending with a cool jasmine tea granita. Effortless Euro-chic, we wistfully picture Tuscan terraces as the setting for romantic canoodlings.
£70 for 50ml eau de parfum

A positively celestial and very special white bee bottle, here – there are 1888 pieces, worldwide – for an utterly celestial fragrance by Delphine Jelk, who was drawn to materials that would evoke the colour white: milky notes, iris, musk. Inspired by an exhibition at Guerlain’s Parisian flagship by French plastic artist Claudine Drai, it brings to life ‘the white hour’ – the perfect counterpoint to l’heure bleue, or twilight, famously and classically captured by Guerlain.
£490 for 125ml eau de parfum
We are soothed by the very names of these Scandi scents, never mind the aromas themselves. Remote Refrain is ‘written as a sonnet to fresh pear, its delicate white flowers and the subtle honey scent of their pollen, carefully wrapped inside the sensory amphitheatre of fjordland and accented by the water reverb of its surrounding falls.’ A scent to induce visions of spring blossoms in ancient orchards and the joy of simple pleasures.
£45 for 50ml eau de toilette
Sometimes you just want to wear something that makes you feel like you’ve rushed out into the sunshine, run to the garden and flung yourself on the lawn to roll in the daisies – and here’s the scent to spritz when you need to capture that feeling. Green apples and dewdrops on leaves giggle into uplifting hyacinth and white rose, before warming to a comforting embrace of sandalwood and musk. Memories of spring picnics, bottled.
£20 for 50ml eau de toilette

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